Blue January

Hey dolls!

Blogging isn’t quite what I thought it was. I had this idea in my head that every week I would have 2-3 amazing posts to upload but I found myself not doing this. I would type up a post and then at the end just save it to drafts and never do anything with it. I was becoming so picky with every sentence that I just ended up putting myself down and saying it was a stupid post that no one would want to read. The thing is I’m trying to ignore the thought of people reading these posts, which sounds ridiculous I know this is a blog after all, but I was so self-conscious about my writing that I hated the idea of someone reading my work.

It’s now February and so far this year I’ve uploaded one post, pretty pathetic. There are a few other reasons for this. Since starting college I feel I have become lazier and less productive. Another reason for the lack of writing is due to the month of January. It wasn’t just blue monday it was blue january for me. Needles to say I was happy for the crappy monday-like month to be over.

I really frustrate myself because I’m so ambitious yet I never get around to actually doing the things I say I want to. I like the feeling of content and a lot of my ambitions require me to step outside of my comfort zone. But this week I am making the effort to get past this issue and do things. I’m going  to write two blog post (including this one), I’m going to write an article to hopefully be printed in the college newspaper and hopefully one other thing that I haven’t decided on yet.

I wish I could give you guys some tips for being productive but I don’t really have many. But if you want to stay organised and get jobs done I recommend making out to do lists. I prefer doing weekly to-do lists because it feels less over-whelming to me but daily ones can work just as well. Usually my to-list is the things I have to get done for college such as readings or projects etc.. but I might also write in something I need to get done like to put a clothes wash on. I’m more likely to complete tasks if I have a to-do list because otherwise I’m likely to forget about it. There is also a sense of satisfaction when you tick off completed tasks.

Another tip I have which isn’t fun and many of you will roll your eyes and groan at it but it’s to wake up early. I’m being genuinely serious, when I get up at 6:40 I have the entire day to do maybe three things on my list. This means I can spend the required time studying and getting work done and then when I’m finished there is still plenty of time left to relax. The plus side to this is that I don’t feel guilty and I’ve noticed that I sleep better on these days. Now I don’t wake up this early everyday, maybe two days a week, but a lot of the time if I’m having a lie in I’ll go into college for the afternoon, attend my lectures and what-not and then I’ll stay in the library for a few hours in the evening so i can get my work done. I don’t know how I did it for the Leaving cert but I definitely can’t do my college work at home, so it’s the library for me.

I know they are only two tips but I think everyone has their own ways of getting things done and being productive. I know that when I was in my final year of school the terror of not getting into college and disappointing my family pushed me to study hard. However college isn’t quite like this, there’s more time to study because you’re not in class all day and there isn’t quite the same fear, maybe that’s part of the reason I’ve been so lazy .

And now please enjoy these motivational pics that I copied and pasted from Pinterest! 🙂 🙂

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aaron levie poster black Here Are Some Awesome Motivational Posters For Your Workspace or Office:     We have 15 motivational quotes to be #thankful for this month! @levoleague::


Now that it’s February I’m trying to do my best to feel good this month and get my sh*t together. Wish me luck!

Alrighty well that’s enough of me venting- I’ve gotta go do my English assignment that’s due this Friday! #procratinatingtillthelastweek #collegelife


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