That dreaded ‘U’ word


So contrary to what many of the older generation might say, us 18-30 year olds do not have it easy. Before you could get a job with no qualification/experience and buy and house and get a mortgage in your early twenties. Which is what a lot of our parents did- mine did anyway.

I think I speak for most people my age (18) when I say that mortgages aren’t really on my mind. But the job thing definitely is.

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I’m currently in my first year of college-just about to finish-and throughout the year I have emailed and gone out handing out cv’s looking for a job. And a whole bunch of nothing is what I’ve got.

I have no experience, which has been my greatest downfall. For the last number of years I didn’t need to get a job in a shop/business because I was kept well busy (and paid) with babysitting. Now though that has kind of gone away and I’m in serious need of a so called “real job”.

Needless to say this whole lack of a job thing has put quite a downer on my college social life, seeing that I never really have any money. It’s the biggest disappointment. I feel like a failure every time my parents have to give me money for lunch, like I’m still a child.

It’s been very disheartening, constantly going into places handing in cv’s and wait for the phone to ring or get an email- but it never happens.

Sure it’s great having a sleep in at the weekend and only having college work to focus on but I’m a person who is at her best when she’s productive. I’m an ambitious person, so I love it when I work at something and then get that feeling of accomplishment.

I’m sure there’s others out there who are just saying “I hear ya gurl” 😉 as they read this and here’s what I have to say to those. As crushing to the confidence as it is we have to push on. Life’s a bitch sometimes and maybe even a lot of the time. But I know that life will feel like a black hole if we see it that way. Life is all about perception and outlook- I think everything happens for a reason. So, when I’m putting myself down for being unemployed or I don’t want to go out job hunting anymore, I just let myself have that bad moment and then I tell myself to cope on and get over myself.

iphone photos 041
There’s always a brightside-it’s tough looking for a job but it will happen-we have to stop ourselves from getting too caught up with this struggle
To those that do have jobs-well done you lucky ducks. If you hate but need it, try to push past it and at least look on the bright side of having money coming your way. 😉

It will happen- that call/email will come. Until it does I’m going to push on and keep trying. It sucks but jesus there’ll be something next year that’s going to suck and the same the year after that. 🙂

Better go and check those job sites and review my cv for the millionth time 😀

Until next time ladies and possibly gents,

Stay classy and don’t be nasty xo

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Work wear/interview outfit idea

P.S May the odds be ever in your favour-Happy job hunting



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