Who/What is gurlthinking?

Dear young women of the world….

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This blog is for you, all of you, and for me too. It’s a place where the thoughts of an everyday 18 y/0 girl are shared; my deepest thoughts, my daydreams, my opinions and some of my most random and crazy ideas.

Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Girls can, by nature, be cruel and put one another down. But in fact we should really push each other forward, celebrate the wins and provide support for the failure. (Bit corny but sure pass the cheese! 🙂 )

I’m saying what you’re thinking in my posts. The things you think of but might feel too awkward or afraid to say, and I include myself here too (This blog is like a safety net for even me to say things without worrying too much).

There are two layers to conversations; the surface area and the deep stuff. Majority of the time people only engage in the former kind.

style soc1
I want to….

So join me for a chit chat about life in general and all the girl problems we face. Hopefully you’ll connect with what I’m saying-maybe you might even learn something new or even ponder an idea you never have before. (yes I did just use the word ponder- because I like it is why, it’s a fun word- P O N D E R) 🙂

Call me your online agony aunt- too honest Teresa-I don’t know where that came out of 😀 , or your modern day Carrie Bradshaw (haha I wish but yes that would literally be amazing!)

So grab a cup of tea and get reading.

Chat soon!


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