Taking Inspiration.

Inspire and BE inspired.

As a creative person I would say I have a sort of dreamy outlook on life. I kind of like to think of it as chapters from a book, songs from an album, one scene that will follow many more.

When it comes to the blog I feel like I overthink myself sometimes, instead of doing what I should and just grabbing my laptop and typing away,no plan just natural thoughts.

I do find, however, it helpful to look to other outlets for inspiration sometimes.

I find that late at night, when I should be getting some zzz’s I instead can’t seem to settle my brain which is in overdrive with the amount I’m thinking about. I get my most creative thoughts at nighttime, sometimes even as I’m drifting of to sleep which can be a pain because I don’t always remember the idea the next morning.

I also love watching television shows/documentaries and vlogs and getting really inspired. What happens here is I’ll watch something and become totally immersed in it and binge watch the entire season, if there is one, within 24-48 hrs.

Don’t you just love it when you watch something and become really eager and motivated to get sh*t done. Like when I’d watch ‘Bridget Jones Diary’ or an episode of ‘Sex and the City’ and I’ll immediately want to start doing some writing, jotting  down my thoughts as the process flows.

Recently I found that seasons 1 and 2 of ‘Fashion Bloggers Tv’ have been uploaded to Youtube under the same channel name, link; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChpCpZeauJUdpZXDTwwi64g

If you’re like me and fashion obsessed then you’ll fall in love with this show and be totally obsessed with these bloggers. The reality show follows Australia’s top bloggers.

Kate at http://katewaterhouse.com/

Sara at http://harperandharley.com/

Margaret at http://shinebythree.com/

Zanita at http://zanita.com/

Amanda at http://oraclefox.com/

Nadia at http://fairfaxjournal.com.au/journal/

Each of these digital influencers brings something different to the internet world. I love Sara’s concept of a minimalist wardrobe of greys/whites/blacks, so chic, simple and stunning- defo my kind of style.

And Nadia’s fashion journal contains stunning photography.

It’s so impressive to watch these ladies build their empire’s, especially in the case of Margaret who while filming season 1 and running her blog and working as a freelance photographer was also a student at law school.

I was so intrigued by their business savvy behaviour and self belief and work ethic. I don’t know how you can’t be inspired by these gals after watching. I know that as soon as I finished, all I wanted to do was go off with my camera and get creative with my own blog. I haven’t yet really introduced any fashion pieces yet (besides the Alexa Chung post) but you never know what’s to come in the future.

There’s definitely more to come from gurlthinking! I’m determined to inspire as many of you as I can.

What inspires you? Let me know in the comments.


Let’s celebrate them

Hello Lovelies!

It seems like there’s a lot of negativity directed at women on the internet lately.

It’s something I’m sick of seeing so I decided that on my little part of the internet I want to bring a little positivity and celebrate the great things women are doing.

These are five women doing great things, being amazing girl bosses and in general just not letting the world put them down.

~Marissa Carter~

Owner and founder of Irish brand ‘Cocoa Brown Tan’. Marissa is the real deal #girlboss. I love seeing women be independent and do great things. She’s business savvy and has developed an impressive and popular brand. Her name means something and her business is booming, there’s definitely more to come from this Irish entrepreneur. She had an idea and committed herself to building it.


~Louise O’Neill~

An Irish author and regular writer for the Irish Examiner. Louise is definitely someone I find interesting because one of my things to do on my bucket-list is to write and publish a novel. She’s a respected writer in Ireland and speaks her mind. She doesn’t seem to really care for those that criticise her. She’s unapologetic and I really admire that. You’ll know what I mean if you follow her snapchat which if you don’t then you definitely should!


~Emma Watson~

There’s definitely more to her than being Hermione Granger. The #heforshe campaign was inspiring. I’m a feminist but unlike some I don’t believe in man hating which is why I liked this campaign so much because it promotes feminism in terms of equality and shares the issue with men, inviting them to have their say and support women’s movement. Watson also has a brain and because of her passion for human rights and education I feel she’s a great role model.

~Victoria Beckham~

The press didn’t take her seriously during and after her Spice girl days but boy did they underestimate her. Victoria re-invented herself, going from popstar to fashion designer and style icon, a well respected individual in the fashion industry. Here’s the thing about life you can do whatever you want, there are always choices and always a chance to change. I love how Victoria took control of her life and used the critics to only spur her forward.

~Betsey Johnson~

And here is number 5. If you don’t know who she is then you mustn’t have any interest in the fashion industry because this is one very influential lady.

Johnson is an American designer.She creates magical pieces that are a mirror of her personality; feminine and whimsical. I’m always inspired by her because after all these years she’s still having fun with fashion.

At age 78, she’s also putting a lot of people to shame- there’s no excuse, she’s running a business and isn’t holding back. 

As a breast cancer survivor this woman is definitely someone to look up to. She enjoys life and celebrates all that comes with it.

Many might judge her let’s call it unique style, especially because of her age. What I say; have you ever seen her in pictures not smiling? She’s confident and doing her own thing. I just love her.

What other women do you love? Who’s done something that wowed you? Who inspires you? Let’s celebrate the great things about women instead of bitching about them.

Let me know in the comments!

-G xo

Alexa Chung and a very jealous Mum

Yes I know you got excited by the mention of style icon Alexa Chung in the title but then words failed you when you saw the mention of mum- no I’m not referring to her own mother in case you were wondering.

The latest fashion project of the 32 y/o British fashion model is a clothing line with M&S called ‘Archive’.

M&S, established in 1884, tasked the fashion guru with exploring their archives of clothing past and designing a collection that both celebrated the brand’s history and reassembled how far they’ve come marrying both old and current trends. The collection is very unique and it’s definitely one of the most special projects Chung has been part of as she says herself.

I’ve always loved Alexa Chung. Her cool, lady like cool chic style is so stylish and effortless. In fact during my French Oral exam I discussed the topic of Fashion and actually spoke about Alexa as my style icon. I’m obsessed with shirt collars and so this is definitely one style we both share, but obviously only one of us looks to the other for inspo.



However not everyone is a fan of Chung. British mum and blogger, Alison Stankard has come forward with an alternative campaign idea for the British Retail brand. Stankard is the creator of blog ‘Totes Inappropes’. The blog focuses on parenting and fashion in a very light-hearted humorous tone. This mom of three doesn’t take herself too seriously, and readers warm to her thanks to her funny personality and quirky personal style.

Stankards view is that M&S should be using models who are real everyday people and she puts herself forward for the job. In her open letter to M&S on Facebook she pitches herself saying “I can advertise your bastion of British style in a none threatening size 12 warts and all kind of way”. Ya gotta give the momma props for her confidently and bravely selling herself openly on social media.

PA mother-of-three has posted a hilarious plea to M&S to model their clothes, in a bid for them to ditch their 'perfect' models like Alexa Chung - claiming she'd be a better fit for the job, warts and all.

As she puts it Chung is “very edgy and cool and let’s face it, everybody would like to be her but let’s be honest we are all a bit sick with envy at her. I mean she’s got near perfect legs and is so beautiful that Alex Turner has written a whole album about how he hasn’t got over her yet.”

Oh Yes people she did she went there with the break-up.

I love Alexa but this woman is hilarious so I find it dislike her or say she’s being ridiculous. She says she regularly shops there and it would be very cool if M&S teamed up with a blogger mom for a clothing line.

Here’s the full post:

Comment below your thoughts on this pitch? And also your opinions on the ‘Archive’ collection.

Later Lovelies,

-G xo



*Photo credits to M&S page, dailymail.co.uk and Alison Stankard’s facebook page.
Check out ‘Totes Inappropes’ facebook page:
The Alexa Chung and Marks and Spencer’s collection ‘Archive’: