Is the summer overrated?

my answer-yes.

Hello lovelies.

July is slowly coming to an end and we’re about to be in the last month of the summer. It’s got me thinking about what I’ve done and what I’ve yet to do.

Why is it every year there’s this mission we all feel we must plan to ensure we have the best summer ever!

A summer that will look back on when facebook sends you a throwback reminder in a few years time when we’re in full time work mid 20’s and feeling nostalgic about our youthful days. O.k tad bit dramatic but still everyone seems to want that perfect summer.

Me, I don’t like those three months called the summer. There’s way too much expectation. I also really like having a plan and a routine, so part of me kind of misses being back at college being productive and having something to do everyday.

Then there’s the clothes. Bikini season-need I say any more.

Again the expectation that you should look your best and by your best I mean picture the perfect girls in the magazine articles with the title ‘how to get your summer bod’.

Unless you live anywhere but Ireland then there’s really only going to be a couple days to max two weeks of good decent sunny weather, otherwise get a light raincoat and get used to the rain. That’s right the only tan you’ll get here will be courtesy of Cocoa Brown or one of the other many fake tans.

The desire to do lots and travel is quickly met by the realisation that you need money and the pressure from parents to do more then sleep in all day and go out all night means oh yes it is in fact time to print out the cv’s and find a job. Not easy but with a minimum of 3 months off you don’t have much of a choice.

For someone who has allergies the summer can also mean days of high pollen content in the air and walking around looking like you’ve got the flu in the middle of the summer.sniff sniff- it’s a pain in the booty. Anyone relate to this?

Now to avoid flooding your day with pessimism because of this post, I like to try and also look on the bright side so here’s a couple things I like about the summer.

Iced coffees-oh so basic I know. Getting to wear sunglasses more often, my fave accessory. Time for tv marathons; Friends, Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives, there’s time for it all and more. More time in the day. I love how my mornings are brighter and the evenings are longer.And finally, it’s acceptable to eat ice-cream all the time.Well sort of.

So long story short the summer in generally can suck but there’s always something to be positive about. Let me know if you can relate to anything I’ve said or if you are ‘summer loving’ ๐Ÿ™‚




Behind the scenes at festivals

Hello Lovelies.

Today I want to talk about festivals, but I’m not going to talk about the latest fashion trends or what to pack for the weekend, I want to talk about our safety at festivals.

One of the things about people when they’re young, and I include myself here when I say that it is common for us to portray naive attitudes. Especially when it comes to our safety.

Nearly every magazine for the last couple of months has printed articles regarding a go-to guide for festival goers. But I actually read an article about the rise of sexual assaults at festivals and the significant amount that probably go on reported.

Why is it that an incident which is life changing and traumatic for anyone, is something which is all too often pushed under the rug. Not long ago I wrote a post about the stanford rape case, which was significance because most of the time the press nor the justice system seem to hear of such incidences because Universities decide to “deal with it internally”, thus protection reputations.

Cosmopolitan magazine UK recently published an article and referred to it as ‘The great festival hush-up” (certainly fitting).

If approached by campaigners festival organisers seem to take a leaf out of many politicians’ book and decline to comment on the matter or arrange a meeting to improve the situation.

If they fail to set up precautions then what does that mean for our safety? We all know it’s a risk when we go but is it a risk we realistically evaluate? Or do we take the easy way of ignoring this and thinking ‘but it wouldn’t happen to me?’. Don’t get me wrong I’m not blaming the victims, it is in no way their fault. But it is time we raised the volume of talk on this issue and pressured the organisers to actually do something to help.

Thankfully one group have used their fame and influence to send a stern message to festival organisers.

Recently Mumford and sons boycotted Swedish festival, Bravalla, after many reports of sexual assaults were made. Five known cases of rape and at least a dozen suspected.

If more musical acts protested against performing unless this topic was taken more seriously and action was made then real effective change might just be seen.

I know we don’t live in a perfect gum drop unicorn rainbow world but still, the amount of times this happens is unacceptable, especially when afterwards the festival does little to support the victim(s). Not even inquiring for witnesses/information, speaking out about the issue to the public and doing their level best to give those the justice they deserve.

But no it’s all about the money. The fear that if they acknowledge this happens then they might lose in ticket sales.

When is money not going to be prioritised over people.

How many more times does this have to happen?

Just ask yourself, what if it was you, or your sister or your friend?



Who doesn’t love a good debate?

Only me again…

It might sound weird but I actually enjoy arguments. Not like the guy from friends who dated Phoebe and loved everything even getting excited over their first conflict. I’m talking about those heated debates where people let out their passionate side defending their views and opinions.

I’m the youngest in a family of four kids so I have grown up fighting over the noise of the kitchen table to have my voice heard. And then be pushed back down to my sit as my siblings would cry out how inexperienced I was in the topic.

Some people would probably say we’re crazy but as we’ve gotten older these dinner times have only gotten a little more heated and interesting actually because we actually have proper opinions not silly childlike thoughts.

These dinner time debates are one of my favourite things in the world. As my sibs have grown up and moved on beyond the family home I actually find myself slightly bored by dinner time. Sometimes my craving for a good discussion gets the better of me and I end up causing an unnecessary argument due to the fact that I disagree with nearly everything either of my parents say. Mom usually prefers a peaceful dinner- sorry mom.

The ย best thing is, everyone eventually has to accept each other’s opinions, we clear the table and retreat back to whatever it was we were doing.

Although there is the occasional ย subject that just can’t seem to be let go of and the discussion continues past the dinner table.


I love the feeling of power when I’m voice my argument. When someone tries to interrupt you and you just keep going, hearing their point in the background, answering it in your argument (why its wrong) and shutting them down. It’s like when I used to do debating in school and someone would say ‘point of information’. You can either accept or decline their request. It’s lazy to decline and a risk to accept- if you can’t take it don’t give it, i.e if you can’t take the correction or critic then you should never have entered the debate.

The thing that I love about debating is it makes you stronger. You learn to stand up for yourself. Respect other peoples points of view, while at the time making your best attempt at arguing why their wrong. You can learn a lot both about other individuals and other topics. There’s a thrill in the debate. It can both terrify and excite you. Now these are the serious sit down competition debates I’m referring to, not dinner time at the Feeney household.

I remember one morning before school officially started. A group of us were sitting in our usual spot by the radiators on the ground floor. It happened organically, which is the best way for it to happen. Before I knew it we were stuck in a serious discussion about the referendum vote that was coming up in Ireland regarding same sex marriage (2015 vote).

Some of us weren’t yet 18 so we couldn’t vote but it’s not like that would ever stop us from having an opinion. I won’t get into detail about what views we each had or what points we made but it did get very heated-in a healthy way, don’t worry there was no cat fight with hair being pulled out. I will say though when some of the teachers walked by they didn’t even want to attempt to tell us to settle down, we were in it, probably a little intimidating to the younger years ( we were 6th years/most senior class).

Haha this blog post has almost got me a little riled up and I have to have the daily family dinner time after this ๐Ÿ˜€ I can’t wait to see how that goes after this.

If there’s one thing I’d love it would be that you go off and ask the big questions. Start a healthy debate once in a while. ย Sound off below, I’d love to chat to you all.

Bye Lovelies!

-G xo

Something needs to change.

Unless you don’t fall into the millions who have accounts on social media, and/or don’t pay attention to international news you won’t have heard of the Stanford Rape case that has recently taken place.

This week has seen a positive effect of social media. I spoke about a negative side to social media in post about Hate Reading. But, this time a victims story was heard, recognised and shared-an many pushed for her justice.

Social Media has erupted and people are using the loud voice that these apps have given them, to share their thoughts on the judgement and sentencing given.ย 

A Student and member of the elite swim team at Stanford University sexually assaulted a fellow female student, while she was unconscious due to excessive alcohol consumption, in front of witnesses. His punishment; six months in jail.

The last few years have revealed that American Universities have a serious lack of fair dealing of cases of sexual assaults on campus. One could say they even brush the matter under the rug.

Now o.k yes I don’t attend a U.S college nor have I ever lived in the U.S so I don’t really know first hand what goes in these colleges, but the stories the press has published over the years, detailing the horrific rape accounts and astonishing ways in which these victims were not protected by their college leaders, instead made to feel like they were the problem, an inconvenience to the University, creating unwanted hassle.

How do we change this? Because the issue here isn’t just how colleges deal with these matters, but how the world deals with these matters. Abuse of any kind to the woman is not always met with justice.

Look at Amber Heard. She announces that she has been physically assaulted by her husband, actor Johnny Depp and the world shuts the door in her face, labelling her a liar, gold digger etc…

No one believes that the charismatic, handsome, popular man could ever do such a thing. NEWS FLASH no one knows what goes on behind closed doors. It’s been released by the media that Depp has had a problem with alcohol and drugs. We all know we’re capable of doing a lot when under the influence of these.

Of course he’s family will defend him, and ya innocent until proven guilty-sure, I mean that’s fair. But where’s fairness when it comes to Heard. Why is she being made to feel like the evil one in this situation. Ya maybe she’s lying and just after his money. Or maybe she really is a woman who feels vulnerable, scared and deeply hurt from being seriously let down by the person who is supposed to love her, protect her and care for her.

Something needs to change. We HAVE to stop making it out that girls should dress differently to avoid giving guys the wrong idea. To not walk home alone because ‘their just asking for it then’. To stop fearing to speak up because they might be labelled liars.

The media play a big role here. They’re our biggest influencers.

Just because he doesn’t look like an abuser doesn’t mean he isn’t one. Just because he has money doesn’t mean she’s lying to profit.

Instead of getting on the hate bandwagon, maybe ask yourself.

What if it happened to me? What would you do? What would you be afraid of?

there is no reason to be jealous over someone else. everyone was born with a unique set of traits and qualities. let them shine with what they have, and you shine with what you have. don't bring others down. its not worth your time, and it just shows the type of person you are when you try to hurt someone else.:


Perspective is key in this world. Always try to put yourself in another situation before you comment on another person’s actions.

And also. Be courageous. Whatever the possible outcome stand up for yourself. Stand up for someone else. Don’t ever let someone tear you down, make you feel worthless or less of a person than you are.

Keep this quote in mind when you're going through tough times:

I’ve never had anything like this happen to me. But I’d still like to thank the victim of the Stanford Rape case for coming forward. She spoke up. And now there’s more talk. There’s change. There’s a difference. I applaud this woman. And so should you.

Thanks for reading.

Let me know your thoughts are below!

-G xo

p.s check my twitter for a link to the video the cast of ‘Girls’ made dedicated to the victim. A powerful piece of women standing together-love it!

April Fools

Hey dolls!

April fools, not really a day I’ve ever bothered too much about but this year the day of joking got me thinking.

According to wikipedia definitions, April Fools day is a day whereby people play practical jokes on one another and spread hoaxes. The idea is that you make someone believe something and then when they learn the truth you all have a good laugh about it. Having said that, sometimes people go too far and instead of making a funny prank/joke they instead hurt and insult others.

An example of this that I’m thinking of is the one where a woman announces she pregnant and before the end of the day shouts “April fools I’m kidding I’m not pregnant”.

On the day of April 1st I saw two women in particular announce their “pregnancy” on social media. Both were very influential females with a significant fan base. Singer, Gwen Stefani and Fashion and lifestyle blogger Chriselle Lim.

Gwen posted a sonogram picture of a baby with the caption “It’s a girl”. Now Gwen did later defend her action by saying she was making fun of the tabloids who continuously claim she’s pregnant. While she never intended to hurt anyones feelings surely she could understand that by posting a joke like this would ruffle some feathers, especially as she is a mother herself


Blogger Chriselle dropped the bombshell on her snapchat before later appearing with her daughter ( 1 year old chloe) and admitting she was lying. Again a mother herself, could she not predict that this was an insensitive joke. Fans even heard the blogger explain further that she has friends going through IVF treatment and that her and husband Allen would like to one day have another child.


I’m not losing my crap over this. I don’t agree with their choice of hoax for the day but I do understand that they were not intentionally hurting anyones feeling.

Still this just goes to show that you never know what someones going through and what might hurt them. As two women who have lots of followers I would have expected they not be so naive and have more respect for them. Maybe the two have learnt their lessons.

*I will still continue to follow Chriselles blog journey just fyi. I am not hating on either women, merely just discussing their actions.We all make mistakes anyway.

So guys what do you think? Did they go too far or are some of us just not able to take the joke and run with it? Let me know in the comments.

Now to lighten up the mood a little ! ๐Ÿ˜€

I just replaced the can of air freshener in the office bathroom with an air horn. And now we wait...ย April Fool's Day                                            please follow me on pinterest:

Keep it classy and don’t be nasty! ๐Ÿ™‚


*DISCLAIMER: All images are not my own. They were located from google images off other sites.

Proud to be Irish

Hey dolls!

Happy Easter! Though I do love tucking into my mom’s sunday roast and all the yummy chocolate easter eggs, today marks something much more special than just eating good food.

This easter marks the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland. All around the country Irish people are marking the occasion with parades, re-enactment of the historical fight and celebrating what it means to be Irish and why we’re proud to be Irish.

In honour of this special day of remembrance I wanted to list out the reasons why I love this green island and why I’m proud to be Irish ๐Ÿ˜€

(There’s no place like home)

The language- Though not every Irish person is lรกn le gaeilge (fluent) those of us who are understand how great it is. While some may say it’s a dying language, and I’ll admit at one point so did I, it is a significant part of our culture one which should be celebrated and protected. There’s a beauty to being able to speak the language of your country. I’ve only realised how lucky I am to do this in the last while.

The Food- I always miss certain foods when I’m away from home, especially things that taste different in other countries and just don’t seem the same. Butter and potatoes are two examples of this but there are a few things I can’t seem to get when I’m abroad (usually). Potato waffles, Mi Wadi (yes I know I’m such a child), beans (in a tomato sauce-weird how hard this is to find in the U.S.), cadbury’s chocolate, Tayto’s and PROPER irish tea. The closest thing I could get to what tasted like irish tea was a pack that said english blend in the states. Not cool America, not cool.

The People- I love Irish people, I think we’re hilarious and brilliant. We say hi to everyone. We flash our car lights and each other to warn for the gardai coming. We can’t say no and won’t say when we have a problem with something. We put our faith in our futures on the power of the holy candles (exam memories here guys) and absolutely any situation can be solved by having a cup of tae first (tae irish spelling of tea). All around we’re pretty weird but I love it especially the craic we have (disclaimer reference of craic is to fun not the drug ๐Ÿ˜€ )

Penneys- Because its just amazing no explanation needed ๐Ÿ˜€

The late late Toy show- Christmas countdown doesn’t begin until you have watched the late late toy show. It is a symbol of childhood christmases and even as an adult I still love it. One of my goals in life is to be a member of the audience because “And there’s one for everyone in the audience” is something I want to be a part of ๐Ÿ˜€

Supermacs- Night out, junk food craving or its just a friday are the reasons why you get a smacs. The treasure of the takeouts in Ireland. A place I would really miss if I ever left Ireland. McDonalds has nothing on this place. My preference is a plain cheese burger and a regular chips with a coke. And you haven’t lived until you’ve gotten a heated muffin with ice cream inside.

Tea- I’m team Barry’s!

The pubs- a.k.a. bars. There the locations of may occasions and celebrations. Famous matches have been watched in these places and many a good pints have been drank. People outside of Ireland don’t really get it, they think we’re all alcoholics but its not just about the drinking. We gather together in pubs and create memories. I’ve had so many laughs down in my local pub with my family and neighbours. Not to mention you could get some of the best feeds of your life in an Irish pub ๐Ÿ˜€

The Radio- iradio, 4fm, today fm etc.. The familiar voices we wake up to and drive home to every day. I would really miss this. It’s always something I think of when I’m in another country. I can even associate certain radio presenters with periods of my life or what they were talking about at a certain time and what I was doing then.

Finally one of the things that I love about Ireland and that makes me so proud to be Irish is our history. This little island may have been here for hundreds of years but it has only been a republic for a short while and our journey to get to this point was certainly a long and tough one. The Men and women of Ireland on this day a hundred years ago risked their lives and the lives of their families to make Ireland a republic, a country that belonged to the people of Ireland and no one else. I’m proud to say I’m Irish and I’m so grateful to our ancestors for giving us our freedom. Their bravery is something we should always remember and aspire for.

Happy Easter readers and I hope you’re proud of your country too! Let me know if I missed anything in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚