Summer Time

Hello lovelies.

So my last post, while I found it good to do a more intense real life type post I thought I would do a more chill down time snappy read one today.

But if you did like what you read first all thank you! And second of all there’s definitely more to come.

So here’s the things that make up a great summers day for me…

In no particular order leeego… 🙂

1. Good Reading Material

So for some reason I do most of my book/novel reading in the summer time.

I just find it so relaxing to take a break from my phone and fall into another world. Focus more on the characters problems than my own 😄

These are a few books on my summer reading list:

2. The Playlist🎶🎶

Very very important. What is summer without the tunes that turn  our days into movie scenes.

Spotify is my go to for music. There’s so much to choose from. Now I am a cheapskate so I have to deal with the ads and a limited number of skips. But besides this barely tolerable factor I like using the app.

This playlist is a working progress but I’ll suggest it here anyways. A for effort 😄

Now this one isn’t mine but there’s a good variety of club summer like tunes here. ☀️
And who doesn’t love a bit of throwback to the old favourites.

*For more see my Spotify @gurlthinking. Also some playlists are collaborative so feel free to add to them!

3.The shades.

Sunglasses are my favourite accessory, along with chokers. And when the sun breaks through the sky you have to have the perfect pair so as not to let down your cute ass outfit, consisting of white de-stressed shorts, basic tee and maybe even a kimono.  These are some of my faves, ones I own and some you can buy online.

These are from Charlotte Russe



Unfortunately I don’t have links to these but below are two sunnies I have my eyes on!

Image 1 of Quay Australia Class of 89 Round Mirror Lens Sunglasses

LOVE these!


Image 1 of Hindsight Vintage Round Metal Sunglasses

4. Hurr

I’m very lazy when it comes to my hair. I don’t like doing too much with it or putting too much product on it. I like to have it very natural looking. A new fave of mine is sea salt spray. This emphasises the waves my hair already has, but giving it more volume and a soft feel and textured look.

I use the Tony and Guy Casual Sea Salt Spray. It’s a 75ml bottle that I have-perfect for travelling. It lasts me a while too because I don’t use that much at a time. I use this after I’ve washed my hair while it’s still damp, it doesn’t work with dry-trust me! 🙂



So that’s all I think of for now. I thought this would be a fun post to share what I love during the summer.


-G xo

Hate Reading

What is hate reading you might ask. Well according to the it is

to read (a blog, newspaper, etc.) that one professes to dislike, often with the intention to mock or criticize.

Basically you’re actively visiting a site on the web just so you can bitch about the individual  associated.

It’s a very vicious activity but we all do it,  the scary thing is we might not realise we’re actually doing it.

This post was inspired by an article I read in Stellar Magazine (June 2016 issue). Truth be told I had never even heard of the term hate reading let alone know what it was. After reading the article I realised that I probably do it too, maybe not every day and I can’t think of a particular page I do it to, not that I’d even say, but I know I do it.

Now don’t get me wrong it doesn’t mean we’re bad people. The cause of this just falls back on natural human behaviours that are jealousy, curiosity, and boredom.

While the internet has opened up a lot of wonderful doors it has as we’re all aware of released our inner monsters.

We’ve become accustomed to the selfie upload (which I do myself) and wait in anticipation for the likes to roll in. Don’t lie you do it too. And I probably won’t stop because ya if i’m feeling my look then I will. The issue here is when we start to view and critique others. Ooh look at the liner FAIL, why is her head tilted so far left FAIL lol poser, wow he’s so into himself-get over it.

Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.:

Now thinking these thoughts is one thing. But going out of your way to seek out these pages just so you can critique them is another. You may be the nicest person, the most loyal friend and a devoted family member but you are not bettering yourself as a person by these actions. It makes you more conceited, judgmental and inhibits your ability to not base your opinion of a person besides their insta page or twitter feed or even criticising them from your first impression.

Believe me because this is true, because I was like this. Over the last couple of years, from being influenced by those around me (I went to all girl school-think that speaks for itself)  and social media I became more judgemental. I did the above in my head, I never said it to their faces but I did bitch A LOT. Now 18 and in college I’ve told myself to grow up, cop on and get over myself, because a judgmental personality is an ugly personality. I tried to mask it as best I could, but I’m pretty sure my poker face wasn’t always on point. In fact it’s ended up hurting me now, well they do say karma’s a bitch only if you are!

However the one thing I never did, and never will is give into the hate read temptation and actually post my thoughts.

This is where things have gone too far and you can’t defend yourself with Oh its just an innocent thought, no, because now its an action. This is where you’ve actually crossed the line over to being an online troll, a bully.

Her opening line when I heard her speak, so powerful. treat people the way you would want to be treated!!!!! Old saying, but great advice.:

Now most people wouldn’t consider themselves bullies but this is where our idea of what a bully is needs to be fully understood. If you go out of your way to publicly humiliate someone and attempt to make them feel bad about themselves then yes you are a bully. It’s all about the choices we make. They chose to post what they did, it’s their right. But you chose to speak out negatively. Just because they posted doesn’t mean they gave you permission to say what you said.

 If you wouldn’t say it to their face or scream it in a room full of people, then why is it ok to say it online.

Stick to this to check yourself; If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Be kind lovelies,

-G xo


Well hello there lovelies!

I feel so tired from this month- May has certainly used up a lot of my energy and kept my mind buzzing.


The first week of May marked the end of my first year in college…WaaaaaaT! It doesn’t seem real, I keep asking myself where that year went. I already have made lots of plans for my second year already! This includes planning events for the NUI Galway Style Society, the society blog and other groups I’m volunteering for.

One things for sure, I am very happy to see the end of all the study. The Leaving cert’s will hate me for saying that but don’t worry guys ye’re almost there!Watch this space because in August I’ll be doing a post about what to expect when you start college. 🙂

The high of finishing exams was also met with warm welcome of the sunny summer weather Ireland saw at the weekend (of that first week).

My brother was home from England for a couple of days so I stayed at home hanging with the family and getting my tan on. Some days my snapchat read 17/18’c but I swear it would feel hotter. We went for a brunch on the Sunday to this cafe in Galway called Tosnú. It’s on Abbeygate street beside the juice cafe raw. The staff are so lovely, they do an all-day breakfast AND it’s very reasonable, you could even say student pocket friendly. Unfortunately I forgot to take snaps of the menu or my meal but I will be back and hopefully will remember to then!

Now the beginning of my summer holidays also marked something else- the rush to get a job. I won’t go on and on about this because you’ll all know about it by now from my past posts. But there have been some signs of hope…This week I have been going to a few different trials at businesses around Galway. I want to talk about this again though because I’m thinking of doing a few tips posts about job hunting, interview clothing attire and I want to do a CV how to post also.

Long story short, it was a really great experience to work for a day in these places; I went to a retail shop, cafe’s and I did a group interview also. This was all organised and completed within the space of three days, so you can imagine by Thursday I fully understood the meaning of the word exhausted. Now I just have to play the waiting game and hope that  get that call! I was told it could be a few days so I’m trying not to glue my eyes to my phone-well, no more than usual at least 🙂

May Loving


Well this is too easy. My reality tv obsession is definitely being attended to with the juicy drama of shows such as Made in Chelsea, Geordie Shore and the return of The Hills to Mtv (just a re-run not new episodes). What more could I ask for! I’ve also fallen for First Dates Ireland which is so cute and cheesy, it really reinforces my love of the Irish humour and the special characters that live on this island. The bad news that May TV brought was the finale of season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy. ***SPOILER ALERT*** who else is absolutely shipping Riggs and Mer, and oh my the intense birth of Jackson and April’s baby<it’s a girl aww 🙂 > wonder what they’ll call her?!

Literally my face while I’m watching (Steph/lucy drama was !!!!) S11 is the most dramatic yet I f***ing love it 😀


Now that the sunshine has arrived- on and off yes but still it’s there- I have returned to my love for sunglasses. For my birthday my sister bought me these gorgeous mirror silver shades from the thrift market in Galway, they’re from a local Galway business called Cotton Face Vintage (Link below). My birthday was in September, but I didn’t want to waste these sunnies on dreary days of no sunshine. I put them away to save them for the summer and now they are out and shining! I’m not 100% sure but I think they cost €15 but don’t hold me to that, I’m sure if you message Sinead at Cotton Face she’ll let you know!

FB link: and




I do the bulk of my book reading this time of year. I actually have a summer booklist that I’m putting together for June/July/August. I  might even do a post about it. Currently though I’m reading ‘Lucky’ by Alice Sebold. She also wrote the book ‘The Lovely Bones’. This story is about when she was raped while in her first year of college. I haven’t finished it yet but I will say that it is an intense read and I will warn you that there is graphic imagery. On my to read list is actually the popular book ‘The Luckiest Girl Alive’ by Jessica Knoll, which also deals with a girl dealing with her youth past and her rape. Unbeknown to readers at first this book is actually based on Knoll’s own experience of her being raped. I would recommend as preparation for this book that you read Sebold’s. If you’ve read either of these let me know what you thought of them in the comments below but please *NO SPOILERS!*

-Spending my time…-

Blogging and taking pics. I have to say I am really proud of the pictures I took for the post about the facial scrub. My dad has a Canon EOS 1100D camera and lately especially I’ve really been enjoying whipping it out and posing objects and taking pics. Don’t get me wrong, the iphone camera is very good, but there’s something special about taking a quality professional camera and just snapping away. It’s so fun and allows me to be so creative, in a different way writing allows me to. And because the days are longer means more opportunities to snap the day away. I also feel like good quality pictures will elevate my blog.



I don’t yet have plans for June. I’m hoping that I’ll be working, blogging, doing more photography and enjoying myself.

Oh and more sunshine so I can get a proper tan 🙂

Did you do anything interesting this May? I’d love to hear, or even list some ideas on how to spend the summer!


Laters Lovelies,

-G xo




Becoming a Vegetarian

Hey internet people!

Something that’s been on my mind a lot for the last few months is my diet. I’m not a very big meat-eater and I was thinking a lot about becoming a vegetarian. I know it’s a very controversial subject and one that can cause quite the heated debate but here’s the thing we all need to remind ourselves of. We each have our own lives and what we do with that life is our own individual choice.

Though I was thinking about this since January I have only been a vegetarian for nearly two weeks now. The reasons for this is 1) I wanted to do more research first i.e the variety that would still remain in my diet/the types of vegetarians etc.. and 2) because college was getting busier and I was heading into an intense study period followed by exams. As I have an up/down sort of immune system I really didn’t want to risk getting sick.

So I am what you call a pescetarian. By definition this is a person who eats fish but no meat. I felt this type of vegetarian diet suited me the most. I wasn’t too sure, especially in the beginning, if I could remove fish as well as meat from my diet. I don’t know if this is how I will continue but for now I am eating fish. This sort of diet also includes eggs and dairy products.

So now we’ve got the logistics out of the way I’m going to tell you about my experience so far and some yummy recipes I have found.

-Tea/Coffee Drinkers-

I recommend soya milk rather than hazelnut. To avoid getting too watery a texture. Pour your milk into the cup before you add the tea bag and water.  For coffee I have really been loving using hazelnut milk. I used to have such an obsession with hazelnut americano’s but when I started getting coffee everyday in college I knew it wasn’t a good idea to get a syrup everyday. This milk is perfect because it’s a healthier way to add more flavour to your caffeine source!

-Get your greens on!-

This is especially important for girls. Because red meat is our main source of iron it’s important to source this elsewhere if you’re a vegetarian. Spinach is high in iron and it’s so easy to cook and goes with SO many dishes. I love chopping up some garlic, melting some butter on a pan and then cooking the spinach till it shrinks and absorbs this good flavour! If you follow many beauty,fashion lifestyle bloggers you’ll know all about the green smoothie hype. This is another great way to boost your nutrient intake and make sure you’re not losing out on any especially iron! So in the morning load up with a spinach, all hail the kale, spirulina and water/milk green smoothie. (Talking about it makes me actually kind of crave one 🙂 )

-Know your munch-

I don’t feel like this is just for vegetarians but everyone. We all eat food so its our responsibility to know what we’re putting into our bodies. I will be the first to admit that I don’t always look at the nutritive/ingredient labels on food packaging. However since becoming a vegetarian I have taken a more keen interest. Luckily I did home economics in school so I do feel I know quite a bit about nutrients and different diets, and I actually find it interesting.

-Pinterest and blogs will become your great companions-

As soon as I made the decision to becoming a vegetarian I scoured pinterest for yummy recipes. The last thing I wanted was to get stuck in a rut as to what to have to satisfy my hunger. Boy did I hit the jackpot. Below are a few of the winners that I found. I have yet to try and cook most of these but when I do I will be sure to report back! It’s also a good idea to look for bloggers who are vegetarians and read up on their experiences and even get some recipe ideas.

Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa. Delicious, healthy and easy. Perfect for the warmer weather! {The Cookie Rookie}:

HCG Phase 2 Shrimp and Asparagus in a Lemon Sauce
Prawn and Asparagus Stir Fry with a lemon sauce.

Mediterranean flavors baked into quinoa. An easy to make vegetarian dinner - works as a main dish or a side!:


Caprese Stuffed Garlic Butter Portobellos drizzled with a rich balsamic glaze for the classic Caprese flavour!:
Caprese Stuffed Portobellos with Garlic Butter
Vegetarian lentil cottage pie with garlic butter sweet potato mash - Domestic Gothess:
Vegetarian Cottage Pie with Garlic Butter and Sweet Potato Mash

It’s important that you understand….

I am not for one minute trying to pressure anyone into becoming a vegetarian. I’m not saying this is the right way to eat/live. This is just what I’m doing and I wanted to share my experience on MY blog.

So please vegetarian hater’s and vegetarians/vegans who say I’m doing it wrong please refrain from leaving a pessimistic comment below. I am not under the impression that I am holier than thou because of my decision. Unfortunately this is a preconceived impression of  vegetarians. All I’m doing is trying something new. I might fail and eat a cheeseburger this time next week- who knows! But if I didn’t try I’d always wonder.

So moral of the post- You suck as a human being and are evil if you eat meat so you should go vegan! JUST KIDDING 🙂

Later lovelies!

-G xo


DIY Facial Scrub

So today I’m doing something a little different.

For the last few months my lifestyle has taken it’s toll on my skin. Sitting in an air-conditioned setting (the library) for at least 8 hours a day, drink sugar filled energy drinks and my guilty pleasure coco cola, endless amounts of junk food including takeaways. The result of this being dull, rough, tired and dirty looking skin.

As I’m a total cheapskate and unsure about trying new products for fear it’ll do more damage I have decided to try some at home DIY remedies.

Recently I have discovered a scrub that smells and feels like a spa treatment. The best part; it only contains three ingredients and two of which every household will have.

This scrub is useful for dull, rough feeling skin. So if you feel like your skin looks dirty and you have a few/many spots then this scrub is ideal.

All you need is Coconut Oil, Sugar and yogurt.

-Coconut Oil- 


It’s not important for this scrub what brand of oil you use in my opinion. This one that I have is from Lidl I think. I don’t have the cost price but if I do find it I will let you know! Since Coconut Oil has blown up and more and more people are talking about it, it is easier to find in most grocery shops.



As you can see I used greek yogurt. To make this scrub super healthy it’s important to use healthy ingredients that will give your skin sort of a new lease of life so using vanilla yogurt probably isn’t the best choice. I also really like this brand of yogurt because its thick which is what you need to use as a base for a facial scrub. This particular yogurt can be found in Tesco shops and costs and very cheap €1.69



I used Brown sugar. It smells rich and actually reminds me of the smell of a spa. This is what will elevate your scrub from ordinary homemade skin scrub to a rich organic scrub. You will actually notice that when you mix all the ingredients together that the sugar tints the mixture so it becomes a sort of cappuccino cream colour-again a spa like appearance.


  1. Place a teaspoon of sugar in whatever type of bowl you want.
  2. Place two-three teaspoons of yogurt in the same bowl.
  3. Melt two-three teaspoons of coconut oil either in the microwave for 25/30 seconds or on the hob until it becomes liquidised
  4. Once the  Coconut Oil is melted let it cool for 10 seconds before adding to the bowl.
  5. Stir the ingredients all together until you get a creamy thick texture.


*If you find after mixing all the ingredients together you find the mixture is too liquidy then add a couple more teaspoons of yogurt until you get the right thick consistency.

*The oil may start to separate from the ingredients so stir until it is fully mixed together.

Spread the scrub all over your face and let it sit for a couple of minutes. You’ll know yourself when you are ready to wash it off. The scrub will start to melt away and the oil may start to separate.


When washing it off use a face towel rinsed with hot water. Finally splash some cold water on your face. The reason for this is that hot water opens your pores. So when you’ve wiped away the scrub all the dirt and bacteria is removed from your pores so the cold water will close them and stop more bacteria getting in.

I really hope you guys found this different post interesting and will look forward to seeing more!

Please please let me know what you think, If you tried it out, if you too love coconut oil etc.. I’d love to hear from you via twitter I’m @georgiafeeney or share pics of your scrubs and tag me @gurlthinking 

If you have any questions please leave a comment below 🙂

-xo G



What they don’t tell you.

It seems forever since I last wrote a post but things got very busy.

I went into full force study mode, getting up at 7am going into the library for 8 hours coming home, having dinner watching a little tv and then going to bed and repeating this routine for 4 weeks. I didn’t really have the time nor the energy to post anything and I definitely didn’t feel very creative. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

In the spirit of exams season I wanted to share here how I got through the study blues. These aren’t the typical things people tell you but this is how I survived.

brighten up your note-taking sessions with #washitape:


Just to get it out of the way studying for exams can be very draining. BUT- they do end and when they do you at least what to know that you did everything you could, you tried your hardest. “What if” haunts me which is why I dived straight in and was all-consumed with working hard.

I’ll enjoy the summer far more knowing that even if the grades aren’t amazing that I worked my booty off.

Sleep-What I will suggest is that if you can try to designate one morning to a sleep in. I would recommend saturday morning just because by friday you’re so tired from the whole week that your desperate for some zzz’s so having even just one morning of 2/3 hours extra sleep will do you the world of good. When I’m studying I usually get up around 7am and start studying around 8:30/9. But if its a sleep in day i’ll wake up at 11 and start working at 12/1pm.

This is like a little treat for yourself which is basically going to be the message of this entire post- how to treat yo self to get through this time. 

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Comfy clothes- goes without saying but add a pop of culture to your outfit to help boost your mood
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
These penneys shoes were ideal-super comfy and they matched everything! Winning

COFFEE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. This pretty much goes without saying but I do have some tips for this one. Firstly if you’re studying in a library or elsewhere and you’re going to a cafe to get your coffee then buy one of those reusable cups and bring it with you. The cost is less and though it may only be a 20c difference it all adds up. Considering I was getting at least one coffee pretty much everyday it definitely added up so by making this small change I was saving the equivalent of 1 cup a week. Also to be healthier I would switch to americano’s. Lattes have so much milk i.e. fat and when you think that you’re sitting down all day long then this too adds up plus you get more of a caffeine kick from black coffee.

Wear makeup everyday. I know I should promote the whole fresh faced look but I’m not gonna lie; I looked liked crap most days during the last few weeks. My skin did not appreciate the library air, or the lack of fresh air and sunshine on my face. Doing my makeup in the morning made me feel ready to start the day. When you’re working all day you can also start to feel a little crabby so looking nice and put together just gives you a little bit of confidence and helps you face the day. If you don’t feel good then this will out you in a bad mood that will affect how productive you are in the day.

A little bit of tele never hurt nobody- Give yourself something to look forward to after a long day. I have series to catch up on nearly everyday like grey’s anatomy, made in chelsea, rich kids, home and away and neighbours etc. If you have been working all day in school and completed 2-4 hours in the evening then yes of course you deserve to chill out with your favourite show maybe even binge watch a series in the week-an episode a night:)

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to tests and study is that YOU CAN DO IT. I truly believed that I was stupid and not capable of doing the leaving cert but I got through it and I did it. It surprised me that I could but it made me realise that you can do more than you think and more importantly there is life after the LC.

Need A Little Motivation? : theBERRY:

A positive mind sees positive results. Someone once told me that you get what you give. Don’t have yourself ending up saying “what if”. Push yourself and try your very best and that is more than enough.

Best of luck chickas and remember to breath 🙂

xo -G



One of those weeks 

Well this last week has been weird for me. Long story short I’ve been feeling pretty crappy about myself. It started with the official end to my first year of college. And like always with endings, I reflected. For some reason I couldn’t really appreciate the positives as much as I wallowed in the negatives-the regrets. I’d rather not go into detail about this though.

Then came tuesday morning- when I broke down crying before heading into college. The reason for this will sound a little shallow but the tears were triggered by my hair. As I mentioned in my march reflection post I got my hair cut. However, since then I just haven’t been happy with it. It doesn’t feel nice and I don’t tend to like how it looks and think about this throughout the day. I know reading this you’re probably thinking oh my god get over yourself, there are people who are suffering and your bothered about your hair-how pathetic. And yes I totally agree its ridiculous. Along with this issue that morning I was upset about my appearance-my skin.

I decided the day before not to bother doing my makeup because there was no point- I’m not good at doing makeup and I would probably look better without it #freshfaced. Hahah no that is not how it was on tuesday morning. To say the least I looked like crap! I had circles under my eyes, red patches on my cheeks ad dry eye lids. To top it off I picked the MOST casual outfit- I looked like such a slob.

So there you had me- with messy hair (greasy I’ll admit and the damn dry shampoo failed me #typical) , THE most laid back look and the look of death (because on day two study week had already killed me). I was sick of myself. Sick of not liking what I say in the mirror. I never used to be like this but I knew what had made me become this way. One word. College.

Don’t get me wrong I believe people when they say this is the high point of your life-studying what you love-meeting new people-trying new things and having the least amount of responsibilities you’ll probably ever have. However, maybe just in my case, but suddenly I am the most aware I’ve ever been of my appearance. I went from never wearing makeup during the week, wearing a uniform everyday and not really taking myself too seriously when it came to my hair and as for skin well sure it was grand for school. I went to an all girls school so this was kind of standard- we all looked ok at best so why bother worrying, we didn’t need to impress each other.

But college is a whole other story. There is no uniform its the ultimate free for all, wear what you want. We each have our own take on this, but I’ll probably get into this in more detail in another post- the college observation. So lads I feel like, are forever checking girls out- who/what they like. I think I’m just a blur here. Then there’s the fact that girls care about how they look and we’re judgemental, put that together and you have me so self-conscious about how I look and what others will think. It’s exhausting. Usually I’m grand but this week it reached a high.

I didn’t really want anyone to see me. I didn’t want to see myself. I had my cry, got a hug from my mom and then pulled myself together and put it to the back of my mind. I let myself wallow when I got home. This sort of routine continued for the week. And during this week of wallowing I decided to make it worse by eating crap- I ‘ve already noticed a weight gain why I decided to add to this is the question of the week.

I don’t like feeling this way. I’m not the most confident person, but still I don’t get bothered by these things as much as I have these last few months and especially this last week.And that’s not ok. To re-iterate my message in my last post- you create your own happiness. No one else is going to make me feel any better about how I look, I have to do that myself. I feel like this happens with all girls. We each have that part(s) that we’re not very fond of and we’re masters at self ridicule, but we need to learn to tone it down. I think its good to be a little self aware. Keep ourselves in line, humble. But too much and it ruins us.

 Next week I need to be nicer to myself, eat good foods that won’t leave me bloated and feeling huge, maybe push myself to go for more walks and definitely try new things to be happy with my skin-get that glow!

It’s tough being a girl. It’s hard not judging ourselves so much. I’ll get my mojo back and this will happen again. It’s a rough cycle. But like I said I make myself happy. If I don’t want to feel crappy than I have to do something about it. 

So that’s it for me bitching about myself. Hope you had a better week than I did. 🙂


Making it happen for ourselves.

Unemployment part 2 😀

I wanted to continue on with my last post about being unemployed because I feel like there’s still more to be said on this topic.

First of all let’s just re-iterate that yes it bloody well sucks! Phew-ok now that’s out of our systems completely-moving on(sort of)….

In my last post I spoke about my experience of having no job and the effect its had on me. Today though I want to focus a little bit more on some positives. I always feel bad when I’ve finished a big rant because I think that even when a situation is bad we are more than capable of finding a light in that dark tunnel-we make our on happiness. I won’t go too much into this philosophical topic today though (might leave that for a dreary monday ;D )

It’s pretty obvious that having too much free time on our hands for a substantial amount of time isn’t good. When you’ve nothing to do or no where to go you can fall into this dark hole. You start off really enjoying the lie ins, watching endless tv, having free reign of the house while everyone is out and then getting to make plans with your friends whenever you like because YOU ARE ALWAYS FREE. But the magic of this time eventually fades and when it does, well you know how it feels. I will put my hand up and say that when I finished the leaving cert (final high school equivalent exams) I did not know what to do with myself. I though I would enjoy the day, not having any study or work to do. This was great except it came to a point where I wasn’t leaving the house because I didn’t have anything to go to. My friends were all either working or on holiday.

Laziness is the worst thing that happens when you don’t have a job, and the feeling of hopelessness from not having a job mixed with laziness is a recipe for a very dull feeling person. This is why it is so important that you keep yourself busy. Don’t roll your eyes I mean it. Even if you haven’t got  a job that pays there is still plenty you can do with your time, take it from a person who has had to figure this out.

  1. Volunteer- Now this is something I’ve been meaning to do for ages but just haven’t and I can’t really say why I just haven’t got it sorted yet. BUT, this is a brilliant way to use your time and make it valuable. I know that lots of charity shops are always looking for workers to volunteer their time. This is perfect for those of us who can’t seem to get a job in a shop because we have no experince- find your experience. Work in a charity shop for a couple of months even part time and have that as something you can add to the work experience.
  2. Pick a hobby/learn a new skills- I know it seems a little yeah yeah I know, but seriously do this. It makes sense that instead of wallowing on what isn’t going right find something that can take up your attention and take your mind of things. I know I’ve got learn how to play the violin on my list of things to do. I’m hoping to try and get started on this in the summer.
  3. Perfect a talent- Maybe before when you were in school or college you didn’t have the time to devote to certain things. Now that you do why not focus on your skills/interests/talents and see where you go with these.
  4. Update- Keep looking at and reading your cv. There’s always little tweaks here and there that you could be making. Maybe change the order of things, add new hobbies, look at some new font style (but not really crazy one though keep it simple!)

It might seem like the worst thing ever but this can also be a very valuable time too. As I’ve been on the job hunt I’ve decided to turn to my writing to keep myself productive and that’s really how I started this blog. I’ve also gotten involved with some clubs/groups in the college and organised events. I’ve even written a few articles for the college paper. It’s funny how these things though they don’t pay (and money is definitely something I need at the moment-social life hello!) they have been a lot of fun and actually kept me sane.

The more things you have to do the more productive you are and probably the more satisfied you are. It’s up to at the end of the day. You can either wallow in self-pity or you can get up off your ass and make things happen for yourself. Things aren’t handed to us and if we want something we have to get it ourselves. I say this to myself by the way because I am so guilty of letting the self-pity thing happen.

I’m not sure if this has made anyone feel better but if it did-great!

Blog lesson of the day 🙂 : even though it’s needed, money doesn’t mean everything- it certainly doesn’t always bring happiness.

xo -G

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That dreaded ‘U’ word


So contrary to what many of the older generation might say, us 18-30 year olds do not have it easy. Before you could get a job with no qualification/experience and buy and house and get a mortgage in your early twenties. Which is what a lot of our parents did- mine did anyway.

I think I speak for most people my age (18) when I say that mortgages aren’t really on my mind. But the job thing definitely is.

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I’m currently in my first year of college-just about to finish-and throughout the year I have emailed and gone out handing out cv’s looking for a job. And a whole bunch of nothing is what I’ve got.

I have no experience, which has been my greatest downfall. For the last number of years I didn’t need to get a job in a shop/business because I was kept well busy (and paid) with babysitting. Now though that has kind of gone away and I’m in serious need of a so called “real job”.

Needless to say this whole lack of a job thing has put quite a downer on my college social life, seeing that I never really have any money. It’s the biggest disappointment. I feel like a failure every time my parents have to give me money for lunch, like I’m still a child.

It’s been very disheartening, constantly going into places handing in cv’s and wait for the phone to ring or get an email- but it never happens.

Sure it’s great having a sleep in at the weekend and only having college work to focus on but I’m a person who is at her best when she’s productive. I’m an ambitious person, so I love it when I work at something and then get that feeling of accomplishment.

I’m sure there’s others out there who are just saying “I hear ya gurl” 😉 as they read this and here’s what I have to say to those. As crushing to the confidence as it is we have to push on. Life’s a bitch sometimes and maybe even a lot of the time. But I know that life will feel like a black hole if we see it that way. Life is all about perception and outlook- I think everything happens for a reason. So, when I’m putting myself down for being unemployed or I don’t want to go out job hunting anymore, I just let myself have that bad moment and then I tell myself to cope on and get over myself.

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There’s always a brightside-it’s tough looking for a job but it will happen-we have to stop ourselves from getting too caught up with this struggle
To those that do have jobs-well done you lucky ducks. If you hate but need it, try to push past it and at least look on the bright side of having money coming your way. 😉

It will happen- that call/email will come. Until it does I’m going to push on and keep trying. It sucks but jesus there’ll be something next year that’s going to suck and the same the year after that. 🙂

Better go and check those job sites and review my cv for the millionth time 😀

Until next time ladies and possibly gents,

Stay classy and don’t be nasty xo

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Work wear/interview outfit idea

P.S May the odds be ever in your favour-Happy job hunting



April Fools

Hey dolls!

April fools, not really a day I’ve ever bothered too much about but this year the day of joking got me thinking.

According to wikipedia definitions, April Fools day is a day whereby people play practical jokes on one another and spread hoaxes. The idea is that you make someone believe something and then when they learn the truth you all have a good laugh about it. Having said that, sometimes people go too far and instead of making a funny prank/joke they instead hurt and insult others.

An example of this that I’m thinking of is the one where a woman announces she pregnant and before the end of the day shouts “April fools I’m kidding I’m not pregnant”.

On the day of April 1st I saw two women in particular announce their “pregnancy” on social media. Both were very influential females with a significant fan base. Singer, Gwen Stefani and Fashion and lifestyle blogger Chriselle Lim.

Gwen posted a sonogram picture of a baby with the caption “It’s a girl”. Now Gwen did later defend her action by saying she was making fun of the tabloids who continuously claim she’s pregnant. While she never intended to hurt anyones feelings surely she could understand that by posting a joke like this would ruffle some feathers, especially as she is a mother herself


Blogger Chriselle dropped the bombshell on her snapchat before later appearing with her daughter ( 1 year old chloe) and admitting she was lying. Again a mother herself, could she not predict that this was an insensitive joke. Fans even heard the blogger explain further that she has friends going through IVF treatment and that her and husband Allen would like to one day have another child.


I’m not losing my crap over this. I don’t agree with their choice of hoax for the day but I do understand that they were not intentionally hurting anyones feeling.

Still this just goes to show that you never know what someones going through and what might hurt them. As two women who have lots of followers I would have expected they not be so naive and have more respect for them. Maybe the two have learnt their lessons.

*I will still continue to follow Chriselles blog journey just fyi. I am not hating on either women, merely just discussing their actions.We all make mistakes anyway.

So guys what do you think? Did they go too far or are some of us just not able to take the joke and run with it? Let me know in the comments.

Now to lighten up the mood a little ! 😀

I just replaced the can of air freshener in the office bathroom with an air horn. And now we wait... April Fool's Day                                            please follow me on pinterest:

Keep it classy and don’t be nasty! 🙂


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