It’s the little things.

Following from my last blog post I thought ‘well I can’t really dish all of that negativity (yet realness) out and leave it there’.

So here are my tips for keeping positive.



1.Let yourself off the hook.

It’s okay to have “those day”. Why wouldn’t it be? I don’t understand why anyone can judge a person for not being fine and having no reason, or even a reason that doesn’t seem worth it. We’re human. And life… well it can be crappy. So let yourself be. Accept your crappy mood. And to hell with everyone else. If you want me time then have your me time. Sometimes it does us the world of good to have a shut down period.

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2. A clean space is a clean mind.

Sometimes the best thing for us is to put a playlist on and get to work organising and cleaning our bedrooms. This gives us time to just be with our thoughts. Dance around. Sing into the deodorant or hairbrush and clear out any clutter. It’s no science that a clear space is a clear mind. It’s a day where you reflect. Or maybe even forget what was bothering you in the first place and by the time you remember you’ve either figured out a solution, you’re ready to face it or better yet, you don’t care anymore.


3.Music to my ears

Is it really shameful that certain songs can be really insightful and actually make me feel better? Well that’s the truth. Honestly. Going for a walk while playing the likes of London Grammar, Coldplay, Hans Zimmer and other, does me the world of good. Again its that simple me time. Shutting off from social media and just being with my thoughts. I’d recommend going for a walk somewhere quiet. I’m lucky enough to live in the countryside so a walk is always refreshing. Cities can be good for people-watching but then there’s always the issue of running into people you know and that interrupts me time.


4. Dear Diary

Do what I did. Write down what’s bothering you. What you’re feeling. What’s going on in your life. You don’t have to share this publicly like I did, that’s the best part, it can be completely private. Your deepest thoughts tucked away in a notebook hidden away even. Or write a draft email if you prefer the new age technological form of journalling (I’m old school and appreciate the humble pen and paper). This might sound strange too but you could always write your thoughts on a sheet of paper and then throw it in the fire or rip it up and throw it away.

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5.Cooking (or baking, whatever floats your boat)

You need to eat so why not use this as a way of distracting yourself. Challenge yourself by not going by a recipe and picking out random ingredients from the cupboards. It could be a complete disaster but at least it’s something.

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6. Reading

Fall into another world. Get inside someone else’s head. I love how characters can feel like real people in your life. Their situations can be relatable and insightful. Don’t underestimate the power of a good book.

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Ahhh the power of a cuppa and a mag!
Bonus points if you know what book this is!

So there we have it. I can’t promise this will change your life and extinguish all sources of bother, but they might help for a little while. It’s all about distractions, until the mood passes and you’re all good again.

“Being positive in a negative situation is not being naive. It’s leadership”

-Lead your life in the direction you want.


Fees are still scarier than clowns

Hello lovelies!

Recently I had a right of passage experience as a college student. I attended my first protest/march…. and it was pretty amazing!

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Over the summer an evaluation of third level education took place and a report was drawn up- The Cassells report. I’ll try and keep the details brief just so you understand the context of this post.

The report essentially suggests three methods of funding third level education in the future in Ireland. The first option is to continue with the current method. Fees are 5,000€ but students only fund a total of 3,500€. I say only but this is still a large sum of money for a lot of people. There are also grants available but as it stands this grant system known as SUSI is flawed and quite difficult to avail of.

The second option would be publicly funded education. This would be the best option because it would remove the financial strain on students and their families. It would mean that people will not be unable to attend college because they cannot afford to go.But this seems to be more of a dream than an achievable reality.

And the final option that would cause great damage to the education system in Ireland and would greatly affect Irish society negatively is to implement a student loan scheme. Students would be required to pay for their entire fees with no government levy. These fees would start at 5,000€ and there would no longer be any form of grants available.

Maybe you can see now why this issue is so important to me. It is my issue not just because I am a student but because I have a responsibility as an Irish citizen for future generations who will want to receive a third level education without being faced with debt at the end of this period.

How can the government think its realistic to expect students to come out of college and be able to cope with an estimated debt of 20,000€ (average debt level for most 4 year degrees)?!


I’m a passionate person who loves a debate-as I’ve mentioned before- so the opportunity to go up to Dublin with the Students’ Union in my college was something I couldn’t miss out on.

Taking over the streets of Dublin, Yelling out and demanding to be heard, actually taking a stand on something I believe was an unreal experience- excuse the corny here.

College is a time in your life to try new things and feel like you’re waking up and doing something with your life. This is what I’ve heard from so many people when I first started college but it’s really only now in my second year that I feel this.

Guess this is definitely something to tick off my bucket list: Attend a protest-CHECK

While I may have had to take the day off work and skip the library study sesh it was totally worth it. Despite getting to stomp around Dublin for the day, I had such a laugh with the gang that was there.

Maybe this seems like a really pointless and boring post but I wanted to bring more attention to this campaign even to my tiny corner of the internet.

If you’re a student in Ireland and want to know more here’s the link to the USI (Union of Students Ireland) page:

Also check out the campaign on all social media outlets with #educationis

Until next time





Hello Lovelies.

Spring Vignette Hop + Free Watercolor Printable:

Congratulations to you all who are starting college! I can’t believe how quick my first year went and now I’m going into second year.So crazy!

In my first year of college I learnt a few things that they don’t tell you about during Orientation week. My friend actually just asked me today if I had any tips for her. So here it is; my first year/freshers survival guide.

(In no particular order)


Get a laptop that has a long battery life. I don’t know about all colleges but NUI Galway has a serious lack of sockets on campus. Even the library; not all of the desks will have a place for you to plug in your phone/laptop charger so make sure when you go in you have your laptop fully charged and/or that it has a long battery.

The lecture halls don’t have any sockets which in 2016 I can’t fathom. The students union office continue to petition for more but we’re still waiting.


OK so college will a lot of the time involve coffee. Chilling out between lectures with your friends is where you will socialise the most over cups of coffee. However, we’re students, we’re on budgets so getting 2 cups of coffee a day starts to add up. Well here’s a tip. The coffee spots across the campus on NUIGalway all have a cup charge. So, if you buy a cheap reusable cup e.g from Penney’s and hand that over to get a coffee you’ll save at least 30c. Not much but every little helps for the nights out fund!

Coffee Mug - Ceramic Coffee Mug - Tea - Quote Mug- Tea Lover - Gift Idea - Tea Cup - Tea Time - Adulting Is Hard:

My preference is Americano’s so usually I pay €1.30, or flat white’sand its good quality coffee too! Teas are €1 but less again if you use your own cup!

(comment below your typical coffee order)


Again with the reusable cups but they are life savers. The library won’t allow you to take drinks in unless their liquids in plastic bottles (water bottles) or coffee cups-not the cardboard ones.

So while you’re studying have your cup ready and then run out for a quick coffee break and get back in no probs.


Join clubs and societies. I know you probably just wan to go to your lectures and go out at night but seriously the extra curricular’s have so much to offer. I’m not going to lie it’s hard to settle into college sometimes, depending on your circumstances; living at home, type of course etc. But by putting yourself out there and into situations where you’re mixing with loads of people will really help.

Besides the social factor there are also great opportunities to come from joining these groups for example, it adds to your cv. Recently when I went for a part time job interview they ignored my lack of experience and instead were really interested about my time writing for the college paper and my position as events manager and treasurer in the Style society.

Remember great things never happen in comfort zones.


Meredith Grey didn't become a surgeon and get to marry McDreamy by not studying…:

O.k so you got by in school without writing in your planner or using multiple or any folders at all but behavior like that won’t fly in college. The difference there is no teacher standing behind your shoulder reminding you when your project’s due or what night to do your homework. You’re on your own.

In college you won’t be doing homework every night, you’ll have assignments due every few weeks so you need to make sure you stay on top of stuff and this is where your planner comes in handy!

The college even provide you with free ones so there’s no cost-no excuse.


College is pretty much the end of the academic road, after that it’s into the workforce. This is pretty much the last time in your life to let loose and have fun without a tonne of responsibilities so make the most of it.

Let me know where and what you’re doing after school I’d love to hear from you.





Hello Lovelies!

We all want to have people that stand by us; make us laugh; create memories of drunken nights out with; travel with and above all just make life more enjoyable.

Each friendship will add something new to your life. You’ll learn something new about yourself and about people/life in general. You’ll gain new experiences and above all you’ll grow as a person,because we can always learn things from one another.

There are also the friendships that fail. The ones that just didn’t make it. And this I know a lot about.Unfortunately.

In the last two years I have really been let down by people I thought I could count on. What hurt the most was that I knew I had been giving the friendships so much effort. I was there for them.But the same wasn’t done for me.

Recently I was very hurt by a person I thought would never. I don’t want to go into detail but I will tell you that it was a serious falling out over absolutely nothing (significant), I was disrespected and hurt.

What I learnt from this was that I don’t need this sort of friendship in my life. I realise now that the effort I was making was wasted because this friendship didn’t add anything positive to my life. The old me though, definitely would have been bothered about this for ages.

I’ve also drifted apart from a lot of people. I used to get really bothered when I didn’t speak to/hear from people in ages and if it looked like we might be growing a part. I’d try to push our friendship back together. It’s good to make an effort, it’s important to be active in your friendships but I’ve learned that sometimes (a lot) I need to just let go of these people.

I’m sick of being let down. If you’re my friend then I’ll do what I can to be a good friend. And yeah I give second chances. But I’m not going to let myself be burned over and over again because you know what I deserve better.

On the other side, I recently got in contact with someone who used to be my best friend. And I mean BEST friend. The issues in this friendship were that I neglected some of my other friendships and I’m not proud of some of my behavior. But here’s the thing. Those things were in my control. SO… after a year out of a bad environment (all-girls school), a year of new people and a year of maturity I’ve realised  that I’m not quite the same as I was and she probably isn’t either. So maybe it’s time for a second chance?

So the girl I thought I shouldn’t be friends with is the person I want to get to know again and the girls who told me not to go back there “that I deserved better” turned out to be the ones to let me down the most.

I’m moving on from the childish nature some people express. I’m ready to go back to college and start fresh. I’m going to put myself out there even if I’m really nervous and scared of trusting people and being let down again, but I’m going to try anyway. I’m going to go try new things and just loosen up and little and enjoy myself.

Here’s to being done with the bitches and making REAL friends.



Inspiration vs. Originality

Hello Lovelies.

Today’s topic of discussion is creativity and digital influencers.

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So in the age of the bloggers and vloggers, instagrammers and the youtube famous the issue of creativity;  we’re more often now seeing up and coming creators echo the works of the greater more settled digital influencers.

First of all, up until 5 years ago (in my opinion) blogging wasn’t really a thing. It  certainly wasn’t at the level of popularity it is now.. As for vlogging, well, ‘vlogs’ were actually referred to as ‘follow me around’ videos.

Now that the road has been paved, more and more (including myself) have decided to bring their own voice to the growing circle.

But as is always the case with creativity, sometimes the writers block monster can pop up and desperation kicks in. Imagine a tumbleweed rolling past in your brain, representing a lack of ideas.

You’re stumped. Ya got nothing.NIL. Squat.Nada…    (Ok I think you get the point.)

It’s so easy to look to other outlets for inspiration, and get ideas that aren’t exactly truly yours.

On the other-hand, it can also be laziness. Sometimes bloggers/vloggers see another get great success from one post or video or a certain use of editing or music and wham bam! It’s ‘hey that works, guess I’ll do it too’.

A lot of the time people want views. Hey I have a blog I get it. But seriously. I don’t think you’ll get anywhere by mimicking the work of another. Think about it. They got where they are because THEY DID SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

This idea of inspiration vs. originality came to me when I saw a twitter convo take place during the week between a few youtube vloggers.

The topic was youtuber Casey Neistat whose channel has grown by the millions in just a few years. Neistat is very popular for his impeccable, creative and stunning videography skills that produce the most beautiful raw footage. (And also his relaxed cool guy persona)

If you’re into vlogging he is your go-to for motivation and inspiration. However, others have also tried to imitate the youtubers vlogging style from music to angles to edits for their own road to success.

The argument unfolded when fellow youtube vlogger, Steve Booker, called out those who seem to be copycats of Neistat and how disappointing it is. But another twitter user felt Booker’s tweet actually had the potential to negatively affect others who might be considering starting a vlog channel or who are new vloggers.



Here the conversation unfolds in the following tweets by Booker, Neistat, and another vlogger; George Benson, as well as other fans of the youtubers and twitter users.



Neistat, who Ivell is actually a fan of, didn’t agree with his point that Booker’s tweet might dissuade other vloggers, felt that copycats ruin youtube.

In my opinion, he has a point. Because copying is pointless. What would people watch your videos when they’ve already got a source for that style content from another well-established channel. The same goes for blogs.

I try to be as original as I can, but I will acknowledge that some of my posts are similar to other pages.

It’s hard as creators to always be unique, Be you not someone else. But sometimes when you really idolise someone, or love what their doing you just want to hop on that trend and get going yourself.

The important thing to remember is that we all bring something different. The internet is a big place and there’s room for all of us.

Success takes time. But you won’t get far if you don’t work in your own style.

You were born an original, so why die a copy?

Love that quote. *Not mine, but I always see it on pinterest.

Here’s to those creative juices flowing! 🙂

-G xo

One of those weeks 

Well this last week has been weird for me. Long story short I’ve been feeling pretty crappy about myself. It started with the official end to my first year of college. And like always with endings, I reflected. For some reason I couldn’t really appreciate the positives as much as I wallowed in the negatives-the regrets. I’d rather not go into detail about this though.

Then came tuesday morning- when I broke down crying before heading into college. The reason for this will sound a little shallow but the tears were triggered by my hair. As I mentioned in my march reflection post I got my hair cut. However, since then I just haven’t been happy with it. It doesn’t feel nice and I don’t tend to like how it looks and think about this throughout the day. I know reading this you’re probably thinking oh my god get over yourself, there are people who are suffering and your bothered about your hair-how pathetic. And yes I totally agree its ridiculous. Along with this issue that morning I was upset about my appearance-my skin.

I decided the day before not to bother doing my makeup because there was no point- I’m not good at doing makeup and I would probably look better without it #freshfaced. Hahah no that is not how it was on tuesday morning. To say the least I looked like crap! I had circles under my eyes, red patches on my cheeks ad dry eye lids. To top it off I picked the MOST casual outfit- I looked like such a slob.

So there you had me- with messy hair (greasy I’ll admit and the damn dry shampoo failed me #typical) , THE most laid back look and the look of death (because on day two study week had already killed me). I was sick of myself. Sick of not liking what I say in the mirror. I never used to be like this but I knew what had made me become this way. One word. College.

Don’t get me wrong I believe people when they say this is the high point of your life-studying what you love-meeting new people-trying new things and having the least amount of responsibilities you’ll probably ever have. However, maybe just in my case, but suddenly I am the most aware I’ve ever been of my appearance. I went from never wearing makeup during the week, wearing a uniform everyday and not really taking myself too seriously when it came to my hair and as for skin well sure it was grand for school. I went to an all girls school so this was kind of standard- we all looked ok at best so why bother worrying, we didn’t need to impress each other.

But college is a whole other story. There is no uniform its the ultimate free for all, wear what you want. We each have our own take on this, but I’ll probably get into this in more detail in another post- the college observation. So lads I feel like, are forever checking girls out- who/what they like. I think I’m just a blur here. Then there’s the fact that girls care about how they look and we’re judgemental, put that together and you have me so self-conscious about how I look and what others will think. It’s exhausting. Usually I’m grand but this week it reached a high.

I didn’t really want anyone to see me. I didn’t want to see myself. I had my cry, got a hug from my mom and then pulled myself together and put it to the back of my mind. I let myself wallow when I got home. This sort of routine continued for the week. And during this week of wallowing I decided to make it worse by eating crap- I ‘ve already noticed a weight gain why I decided to add to this is the question of the week.

I don’t like feeling this way. I’m not the most confident person, but still I don’t get bothered by these things as much as I have these last few months and especially this last week.And that’s not ok. To re-iterate my message in my last post- you create your own happiness. No one else is going to make me feel any better about how I look, I have to do that myself. I feel like this happens with all girls. We each have that part(s) that we’re not very fond of and we’re masters at self ridicule, but we need to learn to tone it down. I think its good to be a little self aware. Keep ourselves in line, humble. But too much and it ruins us.

 Next week I need to be nicer to myself, eat good foods that won’t leave me bloated and feeling huge, maybe push myself to go for more walks and definitely try new things to be happy with my skin-get that glow!

It’s tough being a girl. It’s hard not judging ourselves so much. I’ll get my mojo back and this will happen again. It’s a rough cycle. But like I said I make myself happy. If I don’t want to feel crappy than I have to do something about it. 

So that’s it for me bitching about myself. Hope you had a better week than I did. 🙂


Making it happen for ourselves.

Unemployment part 2 😀

I wanted to continue on with my last post about being unemployed because I feel like there’s still more to be said on this topic.

First of all let’s just re-iterate that yes it bloody well sucks! Phew-ok now that’s out of our systems completely-moving on(sort of)….

In my last post I spoke about my experience of having no job and the effect its had on me. Today though I want to focus a little bit more on some positives. I always feel bad when I’ve finished a big rant because I think that even when a situation is bad we are more than capable of finding a light in that dark tunnel-we make our on happiness. I won’t go too much into this philosophical topic today though (might leave that for a dreary monday ;D )

It’s pretty obvious that having too much free time on our hands for a substantial amount of time isn’t good. When you’ve nothing to do or no where to go you can fall into this dark hole. You start off really enjoying the lie ins, watching endless tv, having free reign of the house while everyone is out and then getting to make plans with your friends whenever you like because YOU ARE ALWAYS FREE. But the magic of this time eventually fades and when it does, well you know how it feels. I will put my hand up and say that when I finished the leaving cert (final high school equivalent exams) I did not know what to do with myself. I though I would enjoy the day, not having any study or work to do. This was great except it came to a point where I wasn’t leaving the house because I didn’t have anything to go to. My friends were all either working or on holiday.

Laziness is the worst thing that happens when you don’t have a job, and the feeling of hopelessness from not having a job mixed with laziness is a recipe for a very dull feeling person. This is why it is so important that you keep yourself busy. Don’t roll your eyes I mean it. Even if you haven’t got  a job that pays there is still plenty you can do with your time, take it from a person who has had to figure this out.

  1. Volunteer- Now this is something I’ve been meaning to do for ages but just haven’t and I can’t really say why I just haven’t got it sorted yet. BUT, this is a brilliant way to use your time and make it valuable. I know that lots of charity shops are always looking for workers to volunteer their time. This is perfect for those of us who can’t seem to get a job in a shop because we have no experince- find your experience. Work in a charity shop for a couple of months even part time and have that as something you can add to the work experience.
  2. Pick a hobby/learn a new skills- I know it seems a little yeah yeah I know, but seriously do this. It makes sense that instead of wallowing on what isn’t going right find something that can take up your attention and take your mind of things. I know I’ve got learn how to play the violin on my list of things to do. I’m hoping to try and get started on this in the summer.
  3. Perfect a talent- Maybe before when you were in school or college you didn’t have the time to devote to certain things. Now that you do why not focus on your skills/interests/talents and see where you go with these.
  4. Update- Keep looking at and reading your cv. There’s always little tweaks here and there that you could be making. Maybe change the order of things, add new hobbies, look at some new font style (but not really crazy one though keep it simple!)

It might seem like the worst thing ever but this can also be a very valuable time too. As I’ve been on the job hunt I’ve decided to turn to my writing to keep myself productive and that’s really how I started this blog. I’ve also gotten involved with some clubs/groups in the college and organised events. I’ve even written a few articles for the college paper. It’s funny how these things though they don’t pay (and money is definitely something I need at the moment-social life hello!) they have been a lot of fun and actually kept me sane.

The more things you have to do the more productive you are and probably the more satisfied you are. It’s up to at the end of the day. You can either wallow in self-pity or you can get up off your ass and make things happen for yourself. Things aren’t handed to us and if we want something we have to get it ourselves. I say this to myself by the way because I am so guilty of letting the self-pity thing happen.

I’m not sure if this has made anyone feel better but if it did-great!

Blog lesson of the day 🙂 : even though it’s needed, money doesn’t mean everything- it certainly doesn’t always bring happiness.

xo -G

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