It’s the little things.

Following from my last blog post I thought ‘well I can’t really dish all of that negativity (yet realness) out and leave it there’.

So here are my tips for keeping positive.



1.Let yourself off the hook.

It’s okay to have “those day”. Why wouldn’t it be? I don’t understand why anyone can judge a person for not being fine and having no reason, or even a reason that doesn’t seem worth it. We’re human. And life… well it can be crappy. So let yourself be. Accept your crappy mood. And to hell with everyone else. If you want me time then have your me time. Sometimes it does us the world of good to have a shut down period.

img_24411Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

2. A clean space is a clean mind.

Sometimes the best thing for us is to put a playlist on and get to work organising and cleaning our bedrooms. This gives us time to just be with our thoughts. Dance around. Sing into the deodorant or hairbrush and clear out any clutter. It’s no science that a clear space is a clear mind. It’s a day where you reflect. Or maybe even forget what was bothering you in the first place and by the time you remember you’ve either figured out a solution, you’re ready to face it or better yet, you don’t care anymore.


3.Music to my ears

Is it really shameful that certain songs can be really insightful and actually make me feel better? Well that’s the truth. Honestly. Going for a walk while playing the likes of London Grammar, Coldplay, Hans Zimmer and other, does me the world of good. Again its that simple me time. Shutting off from social media and just being with my thoughts. I’d recommend going for a walk somewhere quiet. I’m lucky enough to live in the countryside so a walk is always refreshing. Cities can be good for people-watching but then there’s always the issue of running into people you know and that interrupts me time.


4. Dear Diary

Do what I did. Write down what’s bothering you. What you’re feeling. What’s going on in your life. You don’t have to share this publicly like I did, that’s the best part, it can be completely private. Your deepest thoughts tucked away in a notebook hidden away even. Or write a draft email if you prefer the new age technological form of journalling (I’m old school and appreciate the humble pen and paper). This might sound strange too but you could always write your thoughts on a sheet of paper and then throw it in the fire or rip it up and throw it away.

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5.Cooking (or baking, whatever floats your boat)

You need to eat so why not use this as a way of distracting yourself. Challenge yourself by not going by a recipe and picking out random ingredients from the cupboards. It could be a complete disaster but at least it’s something.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetimg_21951

6. Reading

Fall into another world. Get inside someone else’s head. I love how characters can feel like real people in your life. Their situations can be relatable and insightful. Don’t underestimate the power of a good book.

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Ahhh the power of a cuppa and a mag!
Bonus points if you know what book this is!

So there we have it. I can’t promise this will change your life and extinguish all sources of bother, but they might help for a little while. It’s all about distractions, until the mood passes and you’re all good again.

“Being positive in a negative situation is not being naive. It’s leadership”

-Lead your life in the direction you want.


Is there an answer for everything?

Sometimes I’m not fine. And sometimes I can’t explain why. It’s not that I’m saying I’m depressed, it’s just that there are days where it feels like there’s a dark cloud following me around.

I don’t want to face anyone, talk or be around people. All I want is to be in my own company, maybe lie in bed all day.

That might sound bad like there’s something wrong, but this is just-some days.

It seems that saying I’m not fine but can’t explain why isn’t good enough so it’s easier just to pretend when asked.

Why is it there always has to be some kind of explanation? Why does there have to be a reason for feeling low?

Today is one of those days.

I’m not depressed. I’m just not feeling so high and happy today. Is that wrong? Why should it be wrong? Why can’t that just be acceptable? Without someone uttering the word “hormonal”. Putting down how I feel, and the justification of that.

I’m not the type of person who likes to confide in people, share they’re deepest thoughts and look for support. A lot of the time when I do share things it’s either I’ve forgotten myself or I’ve just scratched the service of what’s really going on in my head.

Trust is a hard thing for me. I feel like it’s just easier when you rely on yourself. Push myself forward, deal with life myself and get by on my own accord. I have a wonderful family who are there for me, and I do talk with them, but even they can’t always be the ones I turn to.And even they don’t always accept the lack of reason for a mood.

I’m not really sure what I’m doing here. Funny how I can say all of this here and not to the people in my life that are closest to me.

I guess in my head I’m the only one reading this. After all I haven’t really told anyone I have a blog.

Sorry if this feels like I’m bringing the mood down. But honesty is real and I do not want my blog to be a place where things are sugar coated. This is life after all, my life. I’d consider myself an optimistic person, but everyday can’t be great.

I guess that’s one reason I’ve written this post and the other is because maybe someone will read this and hopefully understand what I mean.

Here’s to a happier tomorrow.

What are you looking forward to this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

Me Before You


Hello lovelies.

Well this is finally getting posted!

Here is my first book review on the blog. I promise with these reviews to either avoid any spoilers or at least give fair warning of them, go in depth about the story line (more than the blurbs) and give you my honest and critical thoughts.

I’m so excited to do this review. I’ve read so many myself and now its my turn to have my say.

So let’s start with  ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes.

This novel introduces us to the main character and narrator-Louisa Clark. A 26 year old going no where in life who suddenly lands a job she never imagined after becoming unemployed.

The job is essentially acting as a companion to a man named Will Traynor who is a quadriplegic. As you can predict this is a romantic story but that’s all I’ll say for now.

Here’s my first problem with the book. It’s quite predictable. Sure from the blurb you can tell she will have her life ‘turned upside down, have a major epiphany and of course fall in love- but a sort of forbidden love’. Typical easy read rom-com read.

My next issue is the the context of the characters circumstances. I mean seriously Jojo Moyes. You decided to write about a 26 year old no where near ready to walk down the aisle with no degree and basically living her life through her boyfriend before letting her be controlled by another whom she falls in love with but can’t have a future with. This man being the one who pushed her to step out of her comfort zone, use her brain and actually look at her life and all the possibilities it contains.

I don’t necessarily love the idea of allowing someone to make you happy or to tell you what to do with your life etc… but I can get past it if I feel that this person makes you a better you, and Will Traynor did just that for Louisa.


The other problem though is that he couldn’t stick around,he couldn’t reciprocate the feelings, not truly. It’s like she’s a dog, he put the lead on her but didn’t take her for a walk. (weirdest reference i know but stick with me here!)

This book was good. But just that…good, not great, not inspiring not a spectacular profound change your life read. It wasn’t a complex read. It was written well though. I appreciated getting inside Lou’s mind and getting to know the characters from her point of view.

I can’t completely shut it down though. I did skim through it quickly and I did laugh at parts. This is a heartwarming story-line, and for that I would still recommend others to give it a read. There were moments where Lou was sassy and I loved it! This is where the character really shined, in my opinion and Moyes’ skillful writing showed.


I’ll even admit I teared up at the end, well not quite the ending but rather the epilogue. I won’t say much more hear just that if you’ve read the book you’ll understand what I mean here.

Despite my critic I was looking forward to see what comes next for Lou in ‘After You’. I’ll be doing a review on this novel too, it’s only fitting right?! And actually I loved this book, so much more than the first so keep your eyes out for that!

With all that said I give this book a solid 3 stars ***

Until next time!



P.s comment below what you’re currently reading or what’s next on your book-list

*photo credits to google images and myself, edits done by me*


Hello Lovelies.

Spring Vignette Hop + Free Watercolor Printable:

Congratulations to you all who are starting college! I can’t believe how quick my first year went and now I’m going into second year.So crazy!

In my first year of college I learnt a few things that they don’t tell you about during Orientation week. My friend actually just asked me today if I had any tips for her. So here it is; my first year/freshers survival guide.

(In no particular order)


Get a laptop that has a long battery life. I don’t know about all colleges but NUI Galway has a serious lack of sockets on campus. Even the library; not all of the desks will have a place for you to plug in your phone/laptop charger so make sure when you go in you have your laptop fully charged and/or that it has a long battery.

The lecture halls don’t have any sockets which in 2016 I can’t fathom. The students union office continue to petition for more but we’re still waiting.


OK so college will a lot of the time involve coffee. Chilling out between lectures with your friends is where you will socialise the most over cups of coffee. However, we’re students, we’re on budgets so getting 2 cups of coffee a day starts to add up. Well here’s a tip. The coffee spots across the campus on NUIGalway all have a cup charge. So, if you buy a cheap reusable cup e.g from Penney’s and hand that over to get a coffee you’ll save at least 30c. Not much but every little helps for the nights out fund!

Coffee Mug - Ceramic Coffee Mug - Tea - Quote Mug- Tea Lover - Gift Idea - Tea Cup - Tea Time - Adulting Is Hard:

My preference is Americano’s so usually I pay €1.30, or flat white’sand its good quality coffee too! Teas are €1 but less again if you use your own cup!

(comment below your typical coffee order)


Again with the reusable cups but they are life savers. The library won’t allow you to take drinks in unless their liquids in plastic bottles (water bottles) or coffee cups-not the cardboard ones.

So while you’re studying have your cup ready and then run out for a quick coffee break and get back in no probs.


Join clubs and societies. I know you probably just wan to go to your lectures and go out at night but seriously the extra curricular’s have so much to offer. I’m not going to lie it’s hard to settle into college sometimes, depending on your circumstances; living at home, type of course etc. But by putting yourself out there and into situations where you’re mixing with loads of people will really help.

Besides the social factor there are also great opportunities to come from joining these groups for example, it adds to your cv. Recently when I went for a part time job interview they ignored my lack of experience and instead were really interested about my time writing for the college paper and my position as events manager and treasurer in the Style society.

Remember great things never happen in comfort zones.


Meredith Grey didn't become a surgeon and get to marry McDreamy by not studying…:

O.k so you got by in school without writing in your planner or using multiple or any folders at all but behavior like that won’t fly in college. The difference there is no teacher standing behind your shoulder reminding you when your project’s due or what night to do your homework. You’re on your own.

In college you won’t be doing homework every night, you’ll have assignments due every few weeks so you need to make sure you stay on top of stuff and this is where your planner comes in handy!

The college even provide you with free ones so there’s no cost-no excuse.


College is pretty much the end of the academic road, after that it’s into the workforce. This is pretty much the last time in your life to let loose and have fun without a tonne of responsibilities so make the most of it.

Let me know where and what you’re doing after school I’d love to hear from you.





Hello Lovelies.

Happy Sunday. I’m feeling creative today so I really wanted to get the laptop out and get typing.

I had this conversation earlier with my brother about blogging. He made the comment that blogging has become almost annoying as today, everyone and their mother call themselves bloggers.

This is something that put me off blogging for ages, and still sometimes does as I am reluctant to tell anyone that I have a blog.

You see I never like doing what everyone is doing. I like to do my own thing, be my own person in so many ways.

But I really like the idea of blogging. I love bloggers who pour their hearts out to their online readers. I love the opportunity of connecting with others across the world whom I have shared interests. I love that it’s a place where you can literally do/write anything.

The thing I don’t like is the way blogging is perceived. It’s not exactly a respected hobby/profession.

I’ve also found it hard to even figure out what I want to do with my blog. I’m not really sure which genre it follows or what type of things I want to talk about. To me my blog is still new and I’m still figuring out how this all works.

I know I want to bring content that causes people to think more about something and chat about something new. I’d love to build a great discussion in the comments section. I know I’ve uploaded posts about “the ideal summer” or “DIY Facial scrub” or even a couple shopping posts, but looking at them now I know they aren’t things I want to share here.

So sorry if you enjoyed them, there won’t really be any more.

What I imagine my blog to be is like a magazine. Full of articles regarding different topics,basically human interest pieces and real news.

I really don’t know how long I’ll last here, maybe I’ll keep going for years and maybe this will be the last post. (But probably not though) 🙂

I really want to be a sort of Carrie Bradshaw type. I just want to type out a post as the thoughts come to my mind. Real life pondering from an 18 y/o Irish girl. Honesty and definitely realism.

I don’t care about the stats or the idea of making this into a business. I’m just here to speak my mind and explore my passion for writing.

Now that we’re into the second half of the year I’m going to consider this a fresh start for my blog. Expect the same but I suppose a little different also 🙂



Should I be bothered?

Hello Lovelies!

I’m not too happy with myself. Since starting my job I’ve all but abandoned my blog. I need to get myself organised and make sure that I have drafts to upload during the week and avoid two weeks going by with nothing.

In one of my last posts I spoke about the summer and how I think it’s a bit over hyped in general.

One thing I referred to was it being know as bikini season. There’s a pressure put on girls every year to get themselves in shape and looking well. This is something I haven’t ever subject myself too. In fact in general I’m quite a lazy person.

I don’t go to the gym, I don’t go for walks/runs everyday and I certainly don’t regular follow along to YouTube fitness videos. In other words, I’m just not bothered.

But now the opposite to what should be the case has happened. (If that makes sense). Instead of getting my body to its fitness peak, I’ve actually gained weight.

This is the first time I’ve ever had a proper realisation that in fact I have gained weight.

I don’t know how much, but I do know that in the last two months my boobs and bum are bigger and my stomach area is definitely not as slim as it once was.

I haven’t really been doing much shopping because not much seems to look good on me right now and even the clothes I do own just don’t feel as good as they did.

It’s one of the hardest things for a girl, I’ll admit that. But I’m still not that bothered.

I know how this has happened and what I can do to fix it but I’m lacking that want/desire, that motivation to do anything.

I haven’t cried about the situation, but that’s partly because its feels wrong to cry about such a thing.And maybe also a little dramatic like is this really a thing to cry about or even just get in any way upset about.

So here’s the thing. Is this an issue? Why am I not more concerned?  Am I just giving in to my lazy nature? denying there is an issue and just making excuses? I guess I’m still happy. Obviously I don’t love that I’ve gained weight but it just isn’t something that I want to do anything about right now.

Am I the only one? Do you guys understand what I’m saying? I didn’t think I’m making much sense to be honest.

I guess I just wanted to share these thoughts because it seems like all people do this time of year is talk about getting that perfect slim body and sharing images of women wearing bikinis- the go to image for inspiration, and inadvertently saying “this will make you happy if you look like this”.

Let me know your thoughts/stories/experiences in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!



Is the summer overrated?

my answer-yes.

Hello lovelies.

July is slowly coming to an end and we’re about to be in the last month of the summer. It’s got me thinking about what I’ve done and what I’ve yet to do.

Why is it every year there’s this mission we all feel we must plan to ensure we have the best summer ever!

A summer that will look back on when facebook sends you a throwback reminder in a few years time when we’re in full time work mid 20’s and feeling nostalgic about our youthful days. O.k tad bit dramatic but still everyone seems to want that perfect summer.

Me, I don’t like those three months called the summer. There’s way too much expectation. I also really like having a plan and a routine, so part of me kind of misses being back at college being productive and having something to do everyday.

Then there’s the clothes. Bikini season-need I say any more.

Again the expectation that you should look your best and by your best I mean picture the perfect girls in the magazine articles with the title ‘how to get your summer bod’.

Unless you live anywhere but Ireland then there’s really only going to be a couple days to max two weeks of good decent sunny weather, otherwise get a light raincoat and get used to the rain. That’s right the only tan you’ll get here will be courtesy of Cocoa Brown or one of the other many fake tans.

The desire to do lots and travel is quickly met by the realisation that you need money and the pressure from parents to do more then sleep in all day and go out all night means oh yes it is in fact time to print out the cv’s and find a job. Not easy but with a minimum of 3 months off you don’t have much of a choice.

For someone who has allergies the summer can also mean days of high pollen content in the air and walking around looking like you’ve got the flu in the middle of the summer.sniff sniff- it’s a pain in the booty. Anyone relate to this?

Now to avoid flooding your day with pessimism because of this post, I like to try and also look on the bright side so here’s a couple things I like about the summer.

Iced coffees-oh so basic I know. Getting to wear sunglasses more often, my fave accessory. Time for tv marathons; Friends, Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewives, there’s time for it all and more. More time in the day. I love how my mornings are brighter and the evenings are longer.And finally, it’s acceptable to eat ice-cream all the time.Well sort of.

So long story short the summer in generally can suck but there’s always something to be positive about. Let me know if you can relate to anything I’ve said or if you are ‘summer loving’ 🙂




Hate Reading

What is hate reading you might ask. Well according to the it is

to read (a blog, newspaper, etc.) that one professes to dislike, often with the intention to mock or criticize.

Basically you’re actively visiting a site on the web just so you can bitch about the individual  associated.

It’s a very vicious activity but we all do it,  the scary thing is we might not realise we’re actually doing it.

This post was inspired by an article I read in Stellar Magazine (June 2016 issue). Truth be told I had never even heard of the term hate reading let alone know what it was. After reading the article I realised that I probably do it too, maybe not every day and I can’t think of a particular page I do it to, not that I’d even say, but I know I do it.

Now don’t get me wrong it doesn’t mean we’re bad people. The cause of this just falls back on natural human behaviours that are jealousy, curiosity, and boredom.

While the internet has opened up a lot of wonderful doors it has as we’re all aware of released our inner monsters.

We’ve become accustomed to the selfie upload (which I do myself) and wait in anticipation for the likes to roll in. Don’t lie you do it too. And I probably won’t stop because ya if i’m feeling my look then I will. The issue here is when we start to view and critique others. Ooh look at the liner FAIL, why is her head tilted so far left FAIL lol poser, wow he’s so into himself-get over it.

Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.:

Now thinking these thoughts is one thing. But going out of your way to seek out these pages just so you can critique them is another. You may be the nicest person, the most loyal friend and a devoted family member but you are not bettering yourself as a person by these actions. It makes you more conceited, judgmental and inhibits your ability to not base your opinion of a person besides their insta page or twitter feed or even criticising them from your first impression.

Believe me because this is true, because I was like this. Over the last couple of years, from being influenced by those around me (I went to all girl school-think that speaks for itself)  and social media I became more judgemental. I did the above in my head, I never said it to their faces but I did bitch A LOT. Now 18 and in college I’ve told myself to grow up, cop on and get over myself, because a judgmental personality is an ugly personality. I tried to mask it as best I could, but I’m pretty sure my poker face wasn’t always on point. In fact it’s ended up hurting me now, well they do say karma’s a bitch only if you are!

However the one thing I never did, and never will is give into the hate read temptation and actually post my thoughts.

This is where things have gone too far and you can’t defend yourself with Oh its just an innocent thought, no, because now its an action. This is where you’ve actually crossed the line over to being an online troll, a bully.

Her opening line when I heard her speak, so powerful. treat people the way you would want to be treated!!!!! Old saying, but great advice.:

Now most people wouldn’t consider themselves bullies but this is where our idea of what a bully is needs to be fully understood. If you go out of your way to publicly humiliate someone and attempt to make them feel bad about themselves then yes you are a bully. It’s all about the choices we make. They chose to post what they did, it’s their right. But you chose to speak out negatively. Just because they posted doesn’t mean they gave you permission to say what you said.

 If you wouldn’t say it to their face or scream it in a room full of people, then why is it ok to say it online.

Stick to this to check yourself; If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Be kind lovelies,

-G xo

Becoming a Vegetarian

Hey internet people!

Something that’s been on my mind a lot for the last few months is my diet. I’m not a very big meat-eater and I was thinking a lot about becoming a vegetarian. I know it’s a very controversial subject and one that can cause quite the heated debate but here’s the thing we all need to remind ourselves of. We each have our own lives and what we do with that life is our own individual choice.

Though I was thinking about this since January I have only been a vegetarian for nearly two weeks now. The reasons for this is 1) I wanted to do more research first i.e the variety that would still remain in my diet/the types of vegetarians etc.. and 2) because college was getting busier and I was heading into an intense study period followed by exams. As I have an up/down sort of immune system I really didn’t want to risk getting sick.

So I am what you call a pescetarian. By definition this is a person who eats fish but no meat. I felt this type of vegetarian diet suited me the most. I wasn’t too sure, especially in the beginning, if I could remove fish as well as meat from my diet. I don’t know if this is how I will continue but for now I am eating fish. This sort of diet also includes eggs and dairy products.

So now we’ve got the logistics out of the way I’m going to tell you about my experience so far and some yummy recipes I have found.

-Tea/Coffee Drinkers-

I recommend soya milk rather than hazelnut. To avoid getting too watery a texture. Pour your milk into the cup before you add the tea bag and water.  For coffee I have really been loving using hazelnut milk. I used to have such an obsession with hazelnut americano’s but when I started getting coffee everyday in college I knew it wasn’t a good idea to get a syrup everyday. This milk is perfect because it’s a healthier way to add more flavour to your caffeine source!

-Get your greens on!-

This is especially important for girls. Because red meat is our main source of iron it’s important to source this elsewhere if you’re a vegetarian. Spinach is high in iron and it’s so easy to cook and goes with SO many dishes. I love chopping up some garlic, melting some butter on a pan and then cooking the spinach till it shrinks and absorbs this good flavour! If you follow many beauty,fashion lifestyle bloggers you’ll know all about the green smoothie hype. This is another great way to boost your nutrient intake and make sure you’re not losing out on any especially iron! So in the morning load up with a spinach, all hail the kale, spirulina and water/milk green smoothie. (Talking about it makes me actually kind of crave one 🙂 )

-Know your munch-

I don’t feel like this is just for vegetarians but everyone. We all eat food so its our responsibility to know what we’re putting into our bodies. I will be the first to admit that I don’t always look at the nutritive/ingredient labels on food packaging. However since becoming a vegetarian I have taken a more keen interest. Luckily I did home economics in school so I do feel I know quite a bit about nutrients and different diets, and I actually find it interesting.

-Pinterest and blogs will become your great companions-

As soon as I made the decision to becoming a vegetarian I scoured pinterest for yummy recipes. The last thing I wanted was to get stuck in a rut as to what to have to satisfy my hunger. Boy did I hit the jackpot. Below are a few of the winners that I found. I have yet to try and cook most of these but when I do I will be sure to report back! It’s also a good idea to look for bloggers who are vegetarians and read up on their experiences and even get some recipe ideas.

Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa. Delicious, healthy and easy. Perfect for the warmer weather! {The Cookie Rookie}:

HCG Phase 2 Shrimp and Asparagus in a Lemon Sauce
Prawn and Asparagus Stir Fry with a lemon sauce.

Mediterranean flavors baked into quinoa. An easy to make vegetarian dinner - works as a main dish or a side!:


Caprese Stuffed Garlic Butter Portobellos drizzled with a rich balsamic glaze for the classic Caprese flavour!:
Caprese Stuffed Portobellos with Garlic Butter
Vegetarian lentil cottage pie with garlic butter sweet potato mash - Domestic Gothess:
Vegetarian Cottage Pie with Garlic Butter and Sweet Potato Mash

It’s important that you understand….

I am not for one minute trying to pressure anyone into becoming a vegetarian. I’m not saying this is the right way to eat/live. This is just what I’m doing and I wanted to share my experience on MY blog.

So please vegetarian hater’s and vegetarians/vegans who say I’m doing it wrong please refrain from leaving a pessimistic comment below. I am not under the impression that I am holier than thou because of my decision. Unfortunately this is a preconceived impression of  vegetarians. All I’m doing is trying something new. I might fail and eat a cheeseburger this time next week- who knows! But if I didn’t try I’d always wonder.

So moral of the post- You suck as a human being and are evil if you eat meat so you should go vegan! JUST KIDDING 🙂

Later lovelies!

-G xo


DIY Facial Scrub

So today I’m doing something a little different.

For the last few months my lifestyle has taken it’s toll on my skin. Sitting in an air-conditioned setting (the library) for at least 8 hours a day, drink sugar filled energy drinks and my guilty pleasure coco cola, endless amounts of junk food including takeaways. The result of this being dull, rough, tired and dirty looking skin.

As I’m a total cheapskate and unsure about trying new products for fear it’ll do more damage I have decided to try some at home DIY remedies.

Recently I have discovered a scrub that smells and feels like a spa treatment. The best part; it only contains three ingredients and two of which every household will have.

This scrub is useful for dull, rough feeling skin. So if you feel like your skin looks dirty and you have a few/many spots then this scrub is ideal.

All you need is Coconut Oil, Sugar and yogurt.

-Coconut Oil- 


It’s not important for this scrub what brand of oil you use in my opinion. This one that I have is from Lidl I think. I don’t have the cost price but if I do find it I will let you know! Since Coconut Oil has blown up and more and more people are talking about it, it is easier to find in most grocery shops.



As you can see I used greek yogurt. To make this scrub super healthy it’s important to use healthy ingredients that will give your skin sort of a new lease of life so using vanilla yogurt probably isn’t the best choice. I also really like this brand of yogurt because its thick which is what you need to use as a base for a facial scrub. This particular yogurt can be found in Tesco shops and costs and very cheap €1.69



I used Brown sugar. It smells rich and actually reminds me of the smell of a spa. This is what will elevate your scrub from ordinary homemade skin scrub to a rich organic scrub. You will actually notice that when you mix all the ingredients together that the sugar tints the mixture so it becomes a sort of cappuccino cream colour-again a spa like appearance.


  1. Place a teaspoon of sugar in whatever type of bowl you want.
  2. Place two-three teaspoons of yogurt in the same bowl.
  3. Melt two-three teaspoons of coconut oil either in the microwave for 25/30 seconds or on the hob until it becomes liquidised
  4. Once the  Coconut Oil is melted let it cool for 10 seconds before adding to the bowl.
  5. Stir the ingredients all together until you get a creamy thick texture.


*If you find after mixing all the ingredients together you find the mixture is too liquidy then add a couple more teaspoons of yogurt until you get the right thick consistency.

*The oil may start to separate from the ingredients so stir until it is fully mixed together.

Spread the scrub all over your face and let it sit for a couple of minutes. You’ll know yourself when you are ready to wash it off. The scrub will start to melt away and the oil may start to separate.


When washing it off use a face towel rinsed with hot water. Finally splash some cold water on your face. The reason for this is that hot water opens your pores. So when you’ve wiped away the scrub all the dirt and bacteria is removed from your pores so the cold water will close them and stop more bacteria getting in.

I really hope you guys found this different post interesting and will look forward to seeing more!

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