Who doesn’t love a good debate?

Only me again…

It might sound weird but I actually enjoy arguments. Not like the guy from friends who dated Phoebe and loved everything even getting excited over their first conflict. I’m talking about those heated debates where people let out their passionate side defending their views and opinions.

I’m the youngest in a family of four kids so I have grown up fighting over the noise of the kitchen table to have my voice heard. And then be pushed back down to my sit as my siblings would cry out how inexperienced I was in the topic.

Some people would probably say we’re crazy but as we’ve gotten older these dinner times have only gotten a little more heated and interesting actually because we actually have proper opinions not silly childlike thoughts.

These dinner time debates are one of my favourite things in the world. As my sibs have grown up and moved on beyond the family home I actually find myself slightly bored by dinner time. Sometimes my craving for a good discussion gets the better of me and I end up causing an unnecessary argument due to the fact that I disagree with nearly everything either of my parents say. Mom usually prefers a peaceful dinner- sorry mom.

The  best thing is, everyone eventually has to accept each other’s opinions, we clear the table and retreat back to whatever it was we were doing.

Although there is the occasional  subject that just can’t seem to be let go of and the discussion continues past the dinner table.


I love the feeling of power when I’m voice my argument. When someone tries to interrupt you and you just keep going, hearing their point in the background, answering it in your argument (why its wrong) and shutting them down. It’s like when I used to do debating in school and someone would say ‘point of information’. You can either accept or decline their request. It’s lazy to decline and a risk to accept- if you can’t take it don’t give it, i.e if you can’t take the correction or critic then you should never have entered the debate.

The thing that I love about debating is it makes you stronger. You learn to stand up for yourself. Respect other peoples points of view, while at the time making your best attempt at arguing why their wrong. You can learn a lot both about other individuals and other topics. There’s a thrill in the debate. It can both terrify and excite you. Now these are the serious sit down competition debates I’m referring to, not dinner time at the Feeney household.

I remember one morning before school officially started. A group of us were sitting in our usual spot by the radiators on the ground floor. It happened organically, which is the best way for it to happen. Before I knew it we were stuck in a serious discussion about the referendum vote that was coming up in Ireland regarding same sex marriage (2015 vote).

Some of us weren’t yet 18 so we couldn’t vote but it’s not like that would ever stop us from having an opinion. I won’t get into detail about what views we each had or what points we made but it did get very heated-in a healthy way, don’t worry there was no cat fight with hair being pulled out. I will say though when some of the teachers walked by they didn’t even want to attempt to tell us to settle down, we were in it, probably a little intimidating to the younger years ( we were 6th years/most senior class).

Haha this blog post has almost got me a little riled up and I have to have the daily family dinner time after this 😀 I can’t wait to see how that goes after this.

If there’s one thing I’d love it would be that you go off and ask the big questions. Start a healthy debate once in a while.  Sound off below, I’d love to chat to you all.

Bye Lovelies!

-G xo

Hate Reading

What is hate reading you might ask. Well according to the Dictionary.com it is

to read (a blog, newspaper, etc.) that one professes to dislike, often with the intention to mock or criticize.

Basically you’re actively visiting a site on the web just so you can bitch about the individual  associated.

It’s a very vicious activity but we all do it,  the scary thing is we might not realise we’re actually doing it.

This post was inspired by an article I read in Stellar Magazine (June 2016 issue). Truth be told I had never even heard of the term hate reading let alone know what it was. After reading the article I realised that I probably do it too, maybe not every day and I can’t think of a particular page I do it to, not that I’d even say, but I know I do it.

Now don’t get me wrong it doesn’t mean we’re bad people. The cause of this just falls back on natural human behaviours that are jealousy, curiosity, and boredom.

While the internet has opened up a lot of wonderful doors it has as we’re all aware of released our inner monsters.

We’ve become accustomed to the selfie upload (which I do myself) and wait in anticipation for the likes to roll in. Don’t lie you do it too. And I probably won’t stop because ya if i’m feeling my look then I will. The issue here is when we start to view and critique others. Ooh look at the liner FAIL, why is her head tilted so far left FAIL lol poser, wow he’s so into himself-get over it.

Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.:

Now thinking these thoughts is one thing. But going out of your way to seek out these pages just so you can critique them is another. You may be the nicest person, the most loyal friend and a devoted family member but you are not bettering yourself as a person by these actions. It makes you more conceited, judgmental and inhibits your ability to not base your opinion of a person besides their insta page or twitter feed or even criticising them from your first impression.

Believe me because this is true, because I was like this. Over the last couple of years, from being influenced by those around me (I went to all girl school-think that speaks for itself)  and social media I became more judgemental. I did the above in my head, I never said it to their faces but I did bitch A LOT. Now 18 and in college I’ve told myself to grow up, cop on and get over myself, because a judgmental personality is an ugly personality. I tried to mask it as best I could, but I’m pretty sure my poker face wasn’t always on point. In fact it’s ended up hurting me now, well they do say karma’s a bitch only if you are!

However the one thing I never did, and never will is give into the hate read temptation and actually post my thoughts.

This is where things have gone too far and you can’t defend yourself with Oh its just an innocent thought, no, because now its an action. This is where you’ve actually crossed the line over to being an online troll, a bully.

Her opening line when I heard her speak, so powerful. treat people the way you would want to be treated!!!!! Old saying, but great advice.:

Now most people wouldn’t consider themselves bullies but this is where our idea of what a bully is needs to be fully understood. If you go out of your way to publicly humiliate someone and attempt to make them feel bad about themselves then yes you are a bully. It’s all about the choices we make. They chose to post what they did, it’s their right. But you chose to speak out negatively. Just because they posted doesn’t mean they gave you permission to say what you said.

 If you wouldn’t say it to their face or scream it in a room full of people, then why is it ok to say it online.

Stick to this to check yourself; If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Be kind lovelies,

-G xo

What they don’t tell you.

It seems forever since I last wrote a post but things got very busy.

I went into full force study mode, getting up at 7am going into the library for 8 hours coming home, having dinner watching a little tv and then going to bed and repeating this routine for 4 weeks. I didn’t really have the time nor the energy to post anything and I definitely didn’t feel very creative. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

In the spirit of exams season I wanted to share here how I got through the study blues. These aren’t the typical things people tell you but this is how I survived.

brighten up your note-taking sessions with #washitape:


Just to get it out of the way studying for exams can be very draining. BUT- they do end and when they do you at least what to know that you did everything you could, you tried your hardest. “What if” haunts me which is why I dived straight in and was all-consumed with working hard.

I’ll enjoy the summer far more knowing that even if the grades aren’t amazing that I worked my booty off.

Sleep-What I will suggest is that if you can try to designate one morning to a sleep in. I would recommend saturday morning just because by friday you’re so tired from the whole week that your desperate for some zzz’s so having even just one morning of 2/3 hours extra sleep will do you the world of good. When I’m studying I usually get up around 7am and start studying around 8:30/9. But if its a sleep in day i’ll wake up at 11 and start working at 12/1pm.

This is like a little treat for yourself which is basically going to be the message of this entire post- how to treat yo self to get through this time. 

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Comfy clothes- goes without saying but add a pop of culture to your outfit to help boost your mood
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These penneys shoes were ideal-super comfy and they matched everything! Winning

COFFEE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. This pretty much goes without saying but I do have some tips for this one. Firstly if you’re studying in a library or elsewhere and you’re going to a cafe to get your coffee then buy one of those reusable cups and bring it with you. The cost is less and though it may only be a 20c difference it all adds up. Considering I was getting at least one coffee pretty much everyday it definitely added up so by making this small change I was saving the equivalent of 1 cup a week. Also to be healthier I would switch to americano’s. Lattes have so much milk i.e. fat and when you think that you’re sitting down all day long then this too adds up plus you get more of a caffeine kick from black coffee.

Wear makeup everyday. I know I should promote the whole fresh faced look but I’m not gonna lie; I looked liked crap most days during the last few weeks. My skin did not appreciate the library air, or the lack of fresh air and sunshine on my face. Doing my makeup in the morning made me feel ready to start the day. When you’re working all day you can also start to feel a little crabby so looking nice and put together just gives you a little bit of confidence and helps you face the day. If you don’t feel good then this will out you in a bad mood that will affect how productive you are in the day.

A little bit of tele never hurt nobody- Give yourself something to look forward to after a long day. I have series to catch up on nearly everyday like grey’s anatomy, made in chelsea, rich kids, home and away and neighbours etc. If you have been working all day in school and completed 2-4 hours in the evening then yes of course you deserve to chill out with your favourite show maybe even binge watch a series in the week-an episode a night:)

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to tests and study is that YOU CAN DO IT. I truly believed that I was stupid and not capable of doing the leaving cert but I got through it and I did it. It surprised me that I could but it made me realise that you can do more than you think and more importantly there is life after the LC.

Need A Little Motivation? : theBERRY:

A positive mind sees positive results. Someone once told me that you get what you give. Don’t have yourself ending up saying “what if”. Push yourself and try your very best and that is more than enough.

Best of luck chickas and remember to breath 🙂

xo -G