Behind the scenes at festivals

Hello Lovelies.

Today I want to talk about festivals, but I’m not going to talk about the latest fashion trends or what to pack for the weekend, I want to talk about our safety at festivals.

One of the things about people when they’re young, and I include myself here when I say that it is common for us to portray naive attitudes. Especially when it comes to our safety.

Nearly every magazine for the last couple of months has printed articles regarding a go-to guide for festival goers. But I actually read an article about the rise of sexual assaults at festivals and the significant amount that probably go on reported.

Why is it that an incident which is life changing and traumatic for anyone, is something which is all too often pushed under the rug. Not long ago I wrote a post about the stanford rape case, which was significance because most of the time the press nor the justice system seem to hear of such incidences because Universities decide to “deal with it internally”, thus protection reputations.

Cosmopolitan magazine UK recently published an article and referred to it as ‘The great festival hush-up” (certainly fitting).

If approached by campaigners festival organisers seem to take a leaf out of many politicians’ book and decline to comment on the matter or arrange a meeting to improve the situation.

If they fail to set up precautions then what does that mean for our safety? We all know it’s a risk when we go but is it a risk we realistically evaluate? Or do we take the easy way of ignoring this and thinking ‘but it wouldn’t happen to me?’. Don’t get me wrong I’m not blaming the victims, it is in no way their fault. But it is time we raised the volume of talk on this issue and pressured the organisers to actually do something to help.

Thankfully one group have used their fame and influence to send a stern message to festival organisers.

Recently Mumford and sons boycotted Swedish festival, Bravalla, after many reports of sexual assaults were made. Five known cases of rape and at least a dozen suspected.

If more musical acts protested against performing unless this topic was taken more seriously and action was made then real effective change might just be seen.

I know we don’t live in a perfect gum drop unicorn rainbow world but still, the amount of times this happens is unacceptable, especially when afterwards the festival does little to support the victim(s). Not even inquiring for witnesses/information, speaking out about the issue to the public and doing their level best to give those the justice they deserve.

But no it’s all about the money. The fear that if they acknowledge this happens then they might lose in ticket sales.

When is money not going to be prioritised over people.

How many more times does this have to happen?

Just ask yourself, what if it was you, or your sister or your friend?



Summer Time

Hello lovelies.

So my last post, while I found it good to do a more intense real life type post I thought I would do a more chill down time snappy read one today.

But if you did like what you read first all thank you! And second of all there’s definitely more to come.

So here’s the things that make up a great summers day for me…

In no particular order leeego… 🙂

1. Good Reading Material

So for some reason I do most of my book/novel reading in the summer time.

I just find it so relaxing to take a break from my phone and fall into another world. Focus more on the characters problems than my own 😄

These are a few books on my summer reading list:

2. The Playlist🎶🎶

Very very important. What is summer without the tunes that turn  our days into movie scenes.

Spotify is my go to for music. There’s so much to choose from. Now I am a cheapskate so I have to deal with the ads and a limited number of skips. But besides this barely tolerable factor I like using the app.

This playlist is a working progress but I’ll suggest it here anyways. A for effort 😄

Now this one isn’t mine but there’s a good variety of club summer like tunes here. ☀️
And who doesn’t love a bit of throwback to the old favourites.

*For more see my Spotify @gurlthinking. Also some playlists are collaborative so feel free to add to them!

3.The shades.

Sunglasses are my favourite accessory, along with chokers. And when the sun breaks through the sky you have to have the perfect pair so as not to let down your cute ass outfit, consisting of white de-stressed shorts, basic tee and maybe even a kimono.  These are some of my faves, ones I own and some you can buy online.

These are from Charlotte Russe



Unfortunately I don’t have links to these but below are two sunnies I have my eyes on!

Image 1 of Quay Australia Class of 89 Round Mirror Lens Sunglasses

LOVE these!


Image 1 of Hindsight Vintage Round Metal Sunglasses

4. Hurr

I’m very lazy when it comes to my hair. I don’t like doing too much with it or putting too much product on it. I like to have it very natural looking. A new fave of mine is sea salt spray. This emphasises the waves my hair already has, but giving it more volume and a soft feel and textured look.

I use the Tony and Guy Casual Sea Salt Spray. It’s a 75ml bottle that I have-perfect for travelling. It lasts me a while too because I don’t use that much at a time. I use this after I’ve washed my hair while it’s still damp, it doesn’t work with dry-trust me! 🙂



So that’s all I think of for now. I thought this would be a fun post to share what I love during the summer.


-G xo