Hello Lovelies.

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Congratulations to you all who are starting college! I can’t believe how quick my first year went and now I’m going into second year.So crazy!

In my first year of college I learnt a few things that they don’t tell you about during Orientation week. My friend actually just asked me today if I had any tips for her. So here it is; my first year/freshers survival guide.

(In no particular order)


Get a laptop that has a long battery life. I don’t know about all colleges but NUI Galway has a serious lack of sockets on campus. Even the library; not all of the desks will have a place for you to plug in your phone/laptop charger so make sure when you go in you have your laptop fully charged and/or that it has a long battery.

The lecture halls don’t have any sockets which in 2016 I can’t fathom. The students union office continue to petition for more but we’re still waiting.


OK so college will a lot of the time involve coffee. Chilling out between lectures with your friends is where you will socialise the most over cups of coffee. However, we’re students, we’re on budgets so getting 2 cups of coffee a day starts to add up. Well here’s a tip. The coffee spots across the campus on NUIGalway all have a cup charge. So, if you buy a cheap reusable cup e.g from Penney’s and hand that over to get a coffee you’ll save at least 30c. Not much but every little helps for the nights out fund!

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My preference is Americano’s so usually I pay €1.30, or flat white’sand its good quality coffee too! Teas are €1 but less again if you use your own cup!

(comment below your typical coffee order)


Again with the reusable cups but they are life savers. The library won’t allow you to take drinks in unless their liquids in plastic bottles (water bottles) or coffee cups-not the cardboard ones.

So while you’re studying have your cup ready and then run out for a quick coffee break and get back in no probs.


Join clubs and societies. I know you probably just wan to go to your lectures and go out at night but seriously the extra curricular’s have so much to offer. I’m not going to lie it’s hard to settle into college sometimes, depending on your circumstances; living at home, type of course etc. But by putting yourself out there and into situations where you’re mixing with loads of people will really help.

Besides the social factor there are also great opportunities to come from joining these groups for example, it adds to your cv. Recently when I went for a part time job interview they ignored my lack of experience and instead were really interested about my time writing for the college paper and my position as events manager and treasurer in the Style society.

Remember great things never happen in comfort zones.


Meredith Grey didn't become a surgeon and get to marry McDreamy by not studying…:

O.k so you got by in school without writing in your planner or using multiple or any folders at all but behavior like that won’t fly in college. The difference there is no teacher standing behind your shoulder reminding you when your project’s due or what night to do your homework. You’re on your own.

In college you won’t be doing homework every night, you’ll have assignments due every few weeks so you need to make sure you stay on top of stuff and this is where your planner comes in handy!

The college even provide you with free ones so there’s no cost-no excuse.


College is pretty much the end of the academic road, after that it’s into the workforce. This is pretty much the last time in your life to let loose and have fun without a tonne of responsibilities so make the most of it.

Let me know where and what you’re doing after school I’d love to hear from you.