Italian Loving!

Hello Lovelies!

Recently I went to Bergamo in Italy with my mom. It was a surprise trip organised by my parents as a birthday present. We flew from Dublin on Thursday morning (6th October) and returned Sunday (9th).

It was such an amazing trip, I almost didn’t want to return home. I loved getting the chance to have a good catch up with my mom, explore a new town, do a bit of shopping and best of all eat some incredible food!

It’s definitely a place I will be returning to. The town of Bergamo is so stunning, the pictures below definitely don’t do it justice.

With college being so busy (as you can see from the lack of blogging) I really needed a shut off period, I even went hours without looking at my phone.

If you’re looking to go somewhere that has it all; stunning location, lovely people, great food, shops, places to explore etc.. and to relax, I would definitely recommend Bergamo.

It’s a place that most people I spoke to didn’t seem to know much about. The credit always seems to go to the bigger cities like Milan, but this place was like a hidden gem.

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Let me know if you’ve ever been to Bergamo, or anywhere in Italy. And also if you have any travel plans for the future?



My First Draft

(Or maybe the third 😀 )

Hello lovelies! 

(eek I can’t believe I’m doing this again!)

So I’m going to be honest and admit that this is not the first time I have blogged, it’s actually the third. I started, well you wouldn’t even call it a blog because it only consisted of one post, but about two years ago. I never told anyone and it wasn’t a big deal, just me being bored and writing about whatever was on my mind. Then last year I got the great idea to start a blog about my personal style. Long story short I didn’t really commit to it and I just abandoned it all together after a few months. I just wasn’t happy with the pictures I was using or what I was writing about.

I really want it to be different this time. This blog isn’t going to necessarily be a fashion or my personal style. Although, there will be a few posts because I do love fashion and I take pride in dressing well so I would like to document some of that here but I don’t want this to just be a personal style blog. Mainly because there are already so many amazing ones out there already.

This blog is just going to be me. My writing. My thoughts. My adventures. My life. I know that sounds really narcissistic but I’m trying to sound vain I just mean that I’ll be writing about my life experiences or what’s going on in the world that I’m interested in. This sounds very broad I know but I suppose the truth is I still don’t yet really know what kind of a blog this will be, I think I’ll just learn as I go along.

I hope you follow me along as I try to figure out what to do with my life, what to do with my hair, where to go on my next adventure and try and look like I have my life together when really I’m the awkward chick who well just always acts awkward.

xo Georgia